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So did they just cut the scene where Ryoma and Kaidoh made out or what? And could Kaidoh have been any hotter? And could I have been more geeky whenever I saw a toku actor I recognized?

RyoKai is so my movie pairing. They had so much interaction and it was all sparky and I loved it. And Kaidoh got so much screen time. Because he is the coolest. And the most pretty. His blue bandana will be in my dreams tonight.

I love love loved all the Tezuka-Ryoma interaction, although the locker room scenes kind of made me wiggy. Not sure if that's just because I've been corrupted by fic or because they really were wig-making. But, my god, the jacket toss. Most beautiful moment in the film. They didn't trip my shipper trigger though. Or maybe they did, as much as I can call what I feel about these two "shipping". (But that's an essay for another time.) I'll need subs before I can completely evaluate. The obsession seemed very strong on Tezuka's side, but it seemed like he was still focused on Nationals, not specifically on Ryoma.

I have to confess that Shirota still isn't working as Tezuka for me. I thought the movie might change that, but it didn't. He's lovely and I adored him in Hice Cool and he gave a great performance here, but I just can't quite buy him as Tezuka. He doesn't have the gravitas.

Hongo as Ryoma, though, was fabulous! He was sullen and vulnerable and determined all at once and it worked so well. And he's cute as a bug.

Did I mention how hot Kaidoh was? And they won their doubles match!

Every time I saw Oishi I wanted to kiss him on the cheek. And when he and Tezuka did their wrist-crossing thing!

I like how they adapted and telescoped the story for the film. I have no idea if anyone who wasn't familiar with the canon could follow it, but it worked for me. It was just so much fun. And pretty. Which was really all I wanted.

Toku Actor Watch

* I may have squeaked out loud when I saw Shinji because he is my darling Masumi (played by Saitou Yasuka) aka BoukenBlack aka Akashi's One True Love in Boukenger. (Suck it up, Eiji -- you're just there for pointy triangle goodness.)

* I spent most of the Tezuka hospital scene trying to get a good look at the doctor's face. (I'm going to have to re-watch now, because that scene was wonderful.) He is Horiuchi Masami, who played Matsunaga Youichiruu, the Director of TLT J in Ultraman Nexus (best toku ever).

* And, of course, our beloved Atobe is played by Sainei Ryuuji, who was DekaRed (Ban) in DekaRanger. And he was awesome as Atobe.

All this and BSG tomorrow! Life is good.
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