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You can call me Hal.

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♥ Cinepuri ♥
So did they just cut the scene where Ryoma and Kaidoh made out or what? And could Kaidoh have been any hotter? And could I have been more geeky whenever I saw a toku actor I recognized?

RyoKai is so my movie pairing. They had so much interaction and it was all sparky and I loved it. And Kaidoh got so much screen time. Because he is the coolest. And the most pretty. His blue bandana will be in my dreams tonight.

I love love loved all the Tezuka-Ryoma interaction, although the locker room scenes kind of made me wiggy. Not sure if that's just because I've been corrupted by fic or because they really were wig-making. But, my god, the jacket toss. Most beautiful moment in the film. They didn't trip my shipper trigger though. Or maybe they did, as much as I can call what I feel about these two "shipping". (But that's an essay for another time.) I'll need subs before I can completely evaluate. The obsession seemed very strong on Tezuka's side, but it seemed like he was still focused on Nationals, not specifically on Ryoma.

I have to confess that Shirota still isn't working as Tezuka for me. I thought the movie might change that, but it didn't. He's lovely and I adored him in Hice Cool and he gave a great performance here, but I just can't quite buy him as Tezuka. He doesn't have the gravitas.

Hongo as Ryoma, though, was fabulous! He was sullen and vulnerable and determined all at once and it worked so well. And he's cute as a bug.

Did I mention how hot Kaidoh was? And they won their doubles match!

Every time I saw Oishi I wanted to kiss him on the cheek. And when he and Tezuka did their wrist-crossing thing!

I like how they adapted and telescoped the story for the film. I have no idea if anyone who wasn't familiar with the canon could follow it, but it worked for me. It was just so much fun. And pretty. Which was really all I wanted.

Toku Actor Watch

* I may have squeaked out loud when I saw Shinji because he is my darling Masumi (played by Saitou Yasuka) aka BoukenBlack aka Akashi's One True Love in Boukenger. (Suck it up, Eiji -- you're just there for pointy triangle goodness.)

* I spent most of the Tezuka hospital scene trying to get a good look at the doctor's face. (I'm going to have to re-watch now, because that scene was wonderful.) He is Horiuchi Masami, who played Matsunaga Youichiruu, the Director of TLT J in Ultraman Nexus (best toku ever).

* And, of course, our beloved Atobe is played by Sainei Ryuuji, who was DekaRed (Ban) in DekaRanger. And he was awesome as Atobe.

All this and BSG tomorrow! Life is good.

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You make me want to watch right now. ;_;

Hee! I see from my flist that a lot of people were disappointed. But I wasn't expecting anything super great, just cute and fun and it certainly delievered in that department. I'm still smiling. :)


I saw it and was left with a few things that niggled (where is my PONTA!?), but on the whole, it was LOVE, wasn't it?


But no real InuKai. LOTS of MomoKai though :D

I thought I was going to dislike Atobe because he wasn't Katou Kazuki, but he was great!


Kaidoh pwnd the movie. :D He and Momo seemed to get along rather well, didn't they?

I thought I was going to dislike Atobe because he wasn't Katou Kazuki, but he was great!

It's true that Katou is automatially cooler because he plays a Kamen Rider instead of a mere Sentai team member, even the red one. But Ryuuji is still plenty cool. And I forgot to mention how much I loved the plaid pants. :)

And I forgot to mention how much I loved the plaid pants. :)

:) Other than the fact Oshitari and Gakuto were so ugly, I couldn't have been happier with Hyotei: the uniforms, the school, the running at the head of the 200-strong club. :D

I need to watch this again!

Kaidoh! ♥ :D

I was going to wait until later but--

*opens up VLC player and watches right now*

I keep hearing about all these cameos! *___*

It was such a fun ride!

I want to watch it. I need it!!!!! U_______U

I hope you get a chance soon!

Inui was so spazzy. He was, like, glomping Fuji at one point. :)) But he was awesome during the InuKai match! I really liked how they handled that.

And when Kaidoh hissed, I think I died. I knew there was something missing from all the musicals!

I agree about the TezuRyo locker room stuff. When Ryoma was changing and Tezuka was just like *stares. long and hard* I was like ... meep.

On the whole, it was a fun movie. (But I won't even start on that OC dude. o_O)

It's hard for me to move beyond Kaidoh here. :) God. So hot, so cool, and YES, THE HISSING!

Tezuka staring at Ryoma while he changes will never not be creepy.

I have to agree with you that Shirota wasn't as good as Tezuka... I really admired him in the musicals and thought he had stage presence, but that didn't quite work in the films...

and when they annoucned D2's win, I thought it was mighty unfair that it was called an 'Inui-Kaidoh' win. Kaidou SO won it all by himself. ;3

Kaidoh wins everything! And, yes, I agree. It was kind of like OVA5, actually.

I was sad for you and the other GP fans on my flist when they lost. :( I wonder why they decided to have them lose and IK win.

AH MAN. MAN. KAIDOH WAS RIDICULOUSLY HOT. :-* :-* All my friends were like... uh? no? BUT HE WAS, WASN'T HE. *madly insistent* The whole movie galloped by so fast. Getting the Cliffs' Notes version out was inevitable I guess because they didn't have the luxury of time, but they tweaked and tweaked and tweaked all the little quirks of the series B-(

I loved the Nanjiroh/Ryoma relationship but the Seigaku dynamics left me cold. Really made me appreciate the anime & manga so much more. It's like Ryoma is totally detached from the team and oh- when he was outside the door of the sushi place with his hand poisde to slide the door open, and then he DIDN'T HE DIDN'T, and omg my heart just broke B-( (Although the team gobbling down sushi was adorable to watch- and Kaidoh almost reverently swallowing his piece, and then his eyes widening and aww so adorable)

Not the best live action but it was alright alright and it was fun to watch all of them in action and fun to pick out the cameos and everything :D

And. mmm. Kaidoh :-*

Kaidoh is always hot. It's one of the constants of the universe.

I really liked Ryoma's detachment -- in some ways, it seemed more realistic than the manga. And Nanjiroh was too much fun.

I never have high expectations for movies or live-action things from manga/anime. So I wasn't disappointed at all. It was so much fun. :)

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