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Trailer Park Boys: The Movie
The Prince of Tennis movie, the Battlestar Galactica premiere -- just prelude to the crowning event of the weekend. Yes, at last it is here, the Trailer Park Boys movie.

It's based on the TV series, but it's not in the same continuity, so you can watch it any time. And it was well worth watching. Just as funny as I'd hoped, just as much profanity, and a little heartwarming as well. Go see it.

* The Holy Grail: It was only for a second, but finally, finally we got to see Lucy and Sarah making out.

* I liked Ricky a lot here. He's the nice guy from the first two seasons again. He just wants to be get drunk and stoned and be with his family, that's all. And play ball hockey.

* I liked everybody, but then I always do.

* One thing I didn't realise until I was on my way home: no gunfire. Except for the bad guy, nobody was shooting off guns all the time. Maybe they were trying to soften things?

* I was hoping for a tiny bit of UST between Randy and Ted, but le sigh. (Frankly, Randy and Ted are the only thing about TPB that ever made me want to write fic. There was just so much unsaid and unknown about their relationship.)

* I've always had a bit of a crush on Cory. So glad to see how nicely he strips down. :) Male nudity always classes up a film.

* Denny & Terry's! (Or was it Terry and Denny's?)

* And just so, so many good lines. I wish I'd written some down. Ricky's description of the night he and Lucy first made love in the bathroom at Kentucky Fried Chicken was the most romantic thing ever.

Oh, I love it so much. TPB is my favourite show. Here's a song from the album: J-Roc performing Trailer Park Life.

You know, watching this and BSG in the same weekend reminds me how I've always kind of seen Saul Tigh as the Jim Lahey of BSG, with the failure and the drinking and the deep-down honour that tries to find a way out. I'm not sure we can quite make Ellen == Randy, but there are some similarities. But Lahey has no Old Man to keep his head above water.

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Alas, I shall not be able to watch the TPB movie until it's released on DVD, for I am in the wrong country. I so jealous. :(

Alas! I was going to say I feel your pain, but since I saw the movie, that's not true. *g*

Heh, I just googled "Saul Tigh Jim Lahey" after the thought occurred to me that they're more or less the exact same characters occupying entirely different universes and this was the only result. Right down to the haircut, manner of speaking, heavy drinking, etc. With Starbuck as Saul Tigh's Ricky, of course. The Brig being Con College. It's just absolutely uncanny, and yet it's never occured to anyone on the internet except me and you apparently. We're probably just geniuses I suppose.

You are so right about Ricky == Starbuck! I wonder why I didn't see that before, especially since I've shipped Kara/Saul since the very beginning.

Total geniuses. :D

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