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On the subject of me.

1. Things have been going well on the contracting front, but while I have more free time than when I was working for The Man, I'm finding it harder to impose boundaries on myself and so I've had less brainspace for fandom in the last while. That is starting to change, I think. I mean, I almost worked on one of my WIPs this afternoon! I even gathered my index cards for it. There is hope for me yet.

2. Thank you everyone who left me book recs! But I could always use more.

3. Heroes rocks my world. God, Mohinder is pretty. And Claire. And oh my god I just realised that she's the same actor who played Ally's daughter in that last terrible season of Ally McBeal. *counts on fingers to see how old she is* Okay, I feel like a skeeze now. Let me finish by saying that Hiro is so cute that I want to put him in a box and poke him with a stick to see him jump.

4. Whose subs are you following for Death Note? I grabbed Live-eviL's for the first ep and it was fine. The anime looks great so far, very creepy. I love Raito Light so much. I never did finish reading the manga though. I'll put that on my list of projects.

5. kestrelsan talked me into watching Supernatural. I've seen 7 eps from S1 so far and I'm enjoying it a fair amount. It's nicely creepy and I really like how the boys have all that previous knowledge and experience to draw on. Sam kind of annoys me, though. Get a haircut!

6. All the Boukenger bumpers on the Kabuto episodes are making me want to slash Tendou and Akashi. Mostly because I want to slash everyone with Akashi, just so I can bask in his awesomeness. He's so cool, he must have apprenticed to Racer X.

7. I'm trying to figure out how I could obligate a bunch of people to write InuKai stories for me. Something like when you have a Tupperware party and invite all your friends and then they have to buy Tupperware to be polite. I'm still working out the details.

8. I'm in a really great mood today! Must have been all those raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens I got in the mail.

9. Have some music: DOPAMINE - m-flo loves EMYLI & Diggy-MO.

10. What do you wish?
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