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PoT Fic: Perspective, MomoKai PWP
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The usual migraine-induced thing.

Perspective by Halrloprillalar / prillalar
Prince of Tennis, MomoKai, R, 600 words.

Momo grabs Kaidoh's ankle and yanks but the angle is wrong and Momo can't get any leverage, flat on his back on the floor. "Fucker," Kaidoh says, and Momo cranes his head back and looks at Kaidoh, up his thighs and chest and right on up his nose. Momo laughs and pulls again, both hands this time, and Kaidoh is obliging enough to fall over and asshole enough to nearly squash Momo when he does.

"Don't be so noisy," Kaidoh says, like he wasn't the one whose elbows thumped against the floor, and when Momo opens his mouth to retort, Kaidoh stops it with his tongue, which is more or less what Momo wanted in the first place, so he lets it go.

Momo edges himself out from under and pushes a knee between Kaidoh's thighs. He can feel the tremor roll through Kaidoh's body and into his own, then back and forth again, like some kind of wave amplification that Momo might know something about if he paid attention in science class. He licks the underside of Kaidoh's tongue and Kaidoh squirms closer; he has this whole thing about tongues. Momo doesn't, not especially, but he has a thing about dry humping and hand jobs so it all works out in the end.

He can't help making a sound in the back of his throat when he gets his dick up hard against Kaidoh's leg. Kaidoh tightens his fingers on Momo's shoulder and sucks on Momo's tongue. Then he moves too and they're jammed up close, rubbing their cocks together and pressing their faces into each other's necks. Momo sends a mental command to Kaidoh to pull back and give Momo some head, but that never works and Momo can't figure out any way to actually ask for it. And he's not going to go first.

Kaidoh's breath puffs down the collar of Momo's shirt and the hairs on the back of Momo's neck stand up. He runs his tongue around the folds of Kaidoh's ear and now Kaidoh is the one who can't keep quiet. When Momo sticks his tongue down inside the ear canal, Kaidoh hisses and jerks his hips. At least he didn't bite me this time, Momo thinks, and then the wave gets over-amplified and he comes and comes, all his muscles pulling tight and his breath trapped inside him and the air swimming in front of his eyes.

When he's empty, he sags, letting go and falling back onto the floor. "Bastard," Kaidoh says, and rocks up into Momo's thigh a few more times before he digs his fingernails into Momo's arm and shakes like he's seen a ghost.

Now Momo is warm and drowsy, with a sticky mess in his pants and the bitter taste of Kaidoh's earwax in his mouth. Kaidoh is half on top of him and Momo curls into him like he's a quilt on a January morning, ten minutes after Momo has to get up for school. He's half-asleep when Kaidoh pulls away. "No," Momo says and reaches out for him. "Don't leave."

And Kaidoh stops and Momo stops and the words hang in the air between them, growing bigger and pushing them further apart. "I--" Kaidoh says and looks away. He rolls to his feet and Momo can see right up his nose again. Kaidoh picks up his jacket and leaves, tripping over Momo's tennis bag and banging the door behind him.

"Fucking idiot," Momo says, to the ceiling, to the air, "fucking idiot." He rolls onto his side, back to the door, and thinks about all the girls he's going to ask out tomorrow.

Guh. That was absolutely lovely. Also, I love your icon. I think I spent five minutes laughing over it before I actually started reading. :DDDD

Thank you! And "Beauty and Stupid" is my main MK song. It seems fitting for them. :)

Third person Momo speaking in third person . . .rocks.


*hands over the Imatrex and the blanket fort*

I'm glad you liked it. :) Momo is my favourite POV character.

I think the headache is about gone now -- I've just got the fuzzy-head hangover thing now.

God. You have the ability to put me right back in high school...

Hot and...uncomfortably realistic! Loved it.

Hee! I wonder if I should put that as a skill on my résumé. *g*

I think I like these boys best when they're awkward with each other. I'm glad you enjoyed!


My migraine fairies are totally about to hit on yours. Poor awkward Momo.

If they breed, I hope we get more fic and not more migraines. :D

:) I love your MomoKai so much.

I needed that. I also feel a little guilty for wishing more migranes on you :P

Your Momo pov is always so goooooood, what with him being so...so... Momo. He's always such a horny teenage boy. And that's Momo down to a tee.

Yeah, don't wish for more migraines. This is the second one this week. :(

I love to write Momo -- I'm glad he comes across so well! *snugs him*

I can't decide what I like best, Momo's efforts at ESP or Kaidoh's sexy earwax. Or the idea of Kaidoh as a comfy quilt getting snatched away.

Or Momo staring up Kaido's hotass nose.

Abject is Best.

You make them more real for me than anyone does. Your writing is clear as glass, here. The entire time reading, I felt I was as close up to them as they were to each other. I think your skill makes me swoon as much as the story does. :-D

That's such a lovely thing to say. :) There's just something about these two together that's so compelling to me.

Gosh, I just love how you do mad desperation and horny boys. I just love it. ^____^

It's my favourite way for them to be. :)

Your MomoKai fics makes me so unbelievably happy. <3333333 I love it. ^.^

Yay! Thanks for letting me know. :)

Kaidoh shouldn't be so pretty.

What an excellent addition to my lazy night. ♥

...I have a headache, too.

Feedback is swell,
Migraines are shitty,
Pixxy is super,
And Kaidoh is pretty.

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Your MomoKai makes me happier than anyone else's MomoKai. You write them so real and stupid and wonderful and I love them so much. Your sex is just as real and hot too. Oh Hal, you make me all *_____* all the time.

♥ I love them stupid and fumbling -- it's so endearing. Your comment makes me all bouncy!

Guuuuuuuuh. This was so wonderful.

I love awkward teenage boys. And awkward teenage sex. And Momokai.

Thank you :D

You are very welcome. :)

(Deleted comment)
Hee! I never thought of that. Maybe I just wish I had been. Though it's probably more fun to experience this stuff vicariously.


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