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Genius 321

Here's a zip of the raw if you don't have it already.

This is the exact outcome that I'd been hoping for, for a few reasons:

* Fuji has always been broken, from a shounen sports perspective, in that he did not have the pure sportsman's drive to play. But he seems to be fixed now.

* It's boring if he wins all the fucking time.

* Shiraishi is so cool.

* Now at least one of my doubles pairs has to win.

The last reason is the most important. Frankly, I want both to win, but I doubt they will. Kawamura pretty much has to win his singles match because this is probably his last match. He'll go out in a blaze of glory.

So, the question is: who will lose? Momo and Kaidoh or Inui and Tezuka? I just can't decide. Probably, storywise, it will work better with an MK win and an IT loss, but, god, I want the IT pair to win. Though I guess I should still just count myself lucky that I'll see them play at all. I thought it would only be a beautiful dream.

Yukimura is pissy as ever. I hope we get to see lots and lots of Rikkai's matches. And that they kick ass because the final has GOT to be Seigaku and Rikkai.

I was going to say there were no trippy hats this week, but I looked again and there's one on the very first page. That's Chitose, right?

Also: I don't think Kaidoh was in a single panel. What is wrong with this world? But soon, soon, the MomoKai Doubles of Looooooove. God, they are my favourite doubles pair ever.

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