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You can call me Hal.

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One line of love
The good thing about being a female at a gaming con: never having to wait on line for a bathroom
The bad thing about being a female at a gaming con: being targeted for droning descriptions of 8th level paladins by boys with longer hair and bigger tits than you

I don't have to be back at the con until 2PM but I'm already so tired my concentration is shot, so I can't get anything useful done this morning. Thus: For the next two hours, give me a fandom, pairing, and prompt and I will write you one line of fic. And in return, you will write me 1200 words of sunny InuKai, MomoKai, or MitKo. I'll edit the post once the offer is off. Any fandom you think I'm familiar with is fine; I'll let you know if you need to try again.

Back in half an hour to see what you have for me. Also, waxrose wrote a sweet little InuKai that cheered me up no end: Round and Round . And insaneneko posted some good Ouran & Kyouya/Tamaki links.

eta: The hell with the deadline. I'll be just as braindead tomorrow, so keep hitting me with requests and I should be able to finish them up by tomorrow night. Please be sure to add a prompt -- I won't have the mental capacity to do that on my own. Off for more gaming goodness now.

eta 2: And we're done.

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... ... ...Inui/Atobe, foolproof plan.

(Also, when you're me? They ALL have longer hair and bigger tits. Well, not so much now that I've grown my hair out, but when I used to buzz it? It was universal.)

Hikaru no Go, Waya/Akira, pulling hair.

"You can't win at everything," Waya says, grabbing Touya's hair in one hand and his ass in the other, but Touya's hard gaze never wavers and halfway through the kiss Waya is the one who closes his eyes.

I think I'm past the two hour deadline, but I will write you MomoKai AND I will throw in an icon post entirely devoted to their puppy-rescue exploits. (I am capping and crying as we speak. LUCKYYY. *____*)

Hmmmm - Kaidoh/Fuji, pulled muscle.

I think this is my new favourite pairing.

"I'm sorry to be such a burden," Fuji said, his thighs on Kaidoh's waist, his arms around Kaidoh's neck, his mouth against Kaidoh's ear and Kaidoh swallowed hard and took the long way back to school.

boys with longer hair and bigger tits than you

Thank you for the image to start off my day. *shudders*

And because I'm on a Kyouya/Tamaki kick: Ouran, Kyouya/Tamaki, kittens.

"Kittie!" Tamaki said and made the puppet kiss Kyouya in a rather intimate spot, while Kyouya wondered if letting Nekozawa catch him with Tamaki was really the best way to break it off with him.

Prince of Tennis; InuiKai; Kaidoh gets glasses.

You know what they say about girls who wear glasses

"They look good on you," Inui said, but when he leaned in to kiss Kaidoh, their lenses clicked together and Kaidoh pulled away, and Inui wished he hadn't been so quick to recommend against contacts.

(Deleted comment)
"There's no way Lord of the Rings can be a factual history," Hermione said, forehead creasing and mouth primming up the way they always did when George said things like that to her, the way he always did so he could kiss them away again.

(Deleted comment)
Can you give me a prompt? I'm too brain-dead to work without one today. :)

(Deleted comment)
Prince of Tennis, Datapair, prompt: Irony

*spent about ten minutes choosing between Databoys and MomoKai*

Even with his glasses off, Sadaharu closes his eyes, and Renji can only try to read the lines in his face, the stretching in his limbs and tight bare skin.

Prince of Tennis x Ouran, whichever two characters that strike your fancy.

Prompt: Kaidoh's butt.

Woah. This is late! Sorry.

It was only when Momo worked out that Kaidoh wasn't so much annoyed by Momo teasing the cat as he was that the cat liked Momo best, that things between them started to improve.

Kat/Kara, the new CAG

Kara/Saul, --insert spoiler for ep 3x04 here as prompt--

Gaeta/Baltar, "What do you see in her, anyway?"

I haven't had time to watch 3x04 yet.

"Old man's making the best of a bad situation," Kara says, turning her back to Kat and ducking almost in time.

(Deleted comment)

Re: My ship is showing.

The cake put Inui to sleep right after dinner and Tezuka thought he'd bring it home every day, at least until his bruises healed.

(Deleted comment)
Jack / 10th Doctor, space invaders. :D

This is improperly punctuated to make it fit in one line.

"I used to be so good at this game," the Doctor said, turning the controls over to Jack, "in fact, I think that's me over there across the pub," and Jack grinned so hard at the ideas that gave him that he didn't make high score for the first time in five years.

(Deleted comment)
The tears start sliding from Oishi's eyes even before the ref announces the win; it's only when Oishi's cheek presses against his that Tezuka realises his own face is wet.

HP, Ron/Gabrielle, sisterhood?

"Do you want to dance?" Ron said, concentrating on where to put his hands and pretending he and Gabrielle weren't both sneaking glances at Bill and Fleur.

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