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You can call me Hal.

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One line of love
The good thing about being a female at a gaming con: never having to wait on line for a bathroom
The bad thing about being a female at a gaming con: being targeted for droning descriptions of 8th level paladins by boys with longer hair and bigger tits than you

I don't have to be back at the con until 2PM but I'm already so tired my concentration is shot, so I can't get anything useful done this morning. Thus: For the next two hours, give me a fandom, pairing, and prompt and I will write you one line of fic. And in return, you will write me 1200 words of sunny InuKai, MomoKai, or MitKo. I'll edit the post once the offer is off. Any fandom you think I'm familiar with is fine; I'll let you know if you need to try again.

Back in half an hour to see what you have for me. Also, waxrose wrote a sweet little InuKai that cheered me up no end: Round and Round . And insaneneko posted some good Ouran & Kyouya/Tamaki links.

eta: The hell with the deadline. I'll be just as braindead tomorrow, so keep hitting me with requests and I should be able to finish them up by tomorrow night. Please be sure to add a prompt -- I won't have the mental capacity to do that on my own. Off for more gaming goodness now.

eta 2: And we're done.

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Prince of Tennis x Ouran, whichever two characters that strike your fancy.

Prompt: Kaidoh's butt.

Woah. This is late! Sorry.

Making me choose the characters is too much work. :)

"Sorry," Hikaru said, "I dropped it again," and ignored Kaoru's elbow in his side as he watched Kaidoh bend over.

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