Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

What did I say that sounded like, "Tell me about your character"?

i. The gaming con is over.

ii. I survived.

iii. By consuming a LOT of caffeine.

iv. And alcohol.

v. Speaking of alcohol, I'm still pretty buzzed.

vi. Therefore: I YOU ALL!

vii. Torchwood is downloading.

viii. But not fast enough.

ix. Meanwhile I will finish writing the one sentence fic.

x. And watching Battlestar Galactica.

xi. Since I'm now caught up on Supernatural.

xii. Which I'll post about another day.

xiii. What do you say when you are kind of old and someone whom you consider your peer reveals that they still live at home and have to hide their D&D books from their parents?

xiv. I just tried to keep a straight face.

xv. And drink more wine.

xvi. I wish I had some more now.

xvii. Then I might even write some porn.

xviii. But alas.

xix. I think I'll use this tag on every post.

xx. But apparently no cut tags.
Tags: please write me inukai
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