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You can call me Hal.

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What did I say that sounded like, "Tell me about your character"?
i. The gaming con is over.

ii. I survived.

iii. By consuming a LOT of caffeine.

iv. And alcohol.

v. Speaking of alcohol, I'm still pretty buzzed.

vi. Therefore: I YOU ALL!

vii. Torchwood is downloading.

viii. But not fast enough.

ix. Meanwhile I will finish writing the one sentence fic.

x. And watching Battlestar Galactica.

xi. Since I'm now caught up on Supernatural.

xii. Which I'll post about another day.

xiii. What do you say when you are kind of old and someone whom you consider your peer reveals that they still live at home and have to hide their D&D books from their parents?

xiv. I just tried to keep a straight face.

xv. And drink more wine.

xvi. I wish I had some more now.

xvii. Then I might even write some porn.

xviii. But alas.

xix. I think I'll use this tag on every post.

xx. But apparently no cut tags.

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What con? I went to Dragon*Con this year, and that was awesome. :)

Ooh! Torchwood! Haven't found where to download it yet, but am looking. :D

It's a small local con; nothing on that scale. Though a bigger con might be easier for me because I'd have less socializing to do. I enjoy myself, but I'm quite an introvert, so I get worn out by the interaction quickly.

I'm using BT for Torchwood. Try mininova.org or thepiratebay.org for torrents.

Yeah, all the action and rushing about is tiring by the end.

Thanks. :)

slightly inebriated!Hal is always my favourite.

She always brings the porn.

I think tonight we will be porn-less. Tragically, I am one glass of wine short. Unless I go out and buy some.

Ah, that's okay. I've discovered that slightly inebriated!Hal is also very lovey dovey, which is almost as good :D

I've never had wine :\ It just seems very... taste filled. I like bland food.

Hee! I guess I am. :) It certainly made me more happy about having lunch with 6 million (well, maybe about 16) gamer boys.

It would depend on the wine, I suppose. The Chardonnay I had today was pretty bland. (We were in a pizza place that had crap beer, so I had to make do.)

Can I tell you how upset I am that BSG took Dr. Who's slot for midnight fridays on Sci-Fi.

Those jerks! They are out to tear my mate and I apart!

*icons with Inukai* Is that close?

BSG, Doctor Who -- I can't really come down and choose between them. Actually, I pretty much download all my tv now so the concept of "slot" is alient to me.

I'll take any InuKai I can get! *is pathetic* And that is a very lovely kiss.

Ah yes, well we torrent Who when it first comes out on BBC. But then we watch it again on Sci-Fi. Sort of a ritual thing, but as he doesn't get home until about 11:50 on fridays, BSG upsurption was greatly upsetting.

: >

Ah, I see it all now! The disruption of domestic rituals is always a difficult situation. Like when we miss our Friday night Corner Gas.


Hm. I tired. InuiKai is not my forte


Volume 7, green version, Entry 62

• When 2.7 pounds of pressure are applied directly to the center of the sternum, a small red flush appears around the region of the jugular notch and spreads slowly over the neck and clavicle area.
• If the pressure is lessened and the fingers of the left hand are allowed to slid slowly outward, passing lightly over the nipple to wrap around the top of the ribcage the flush will deepen, as will the range until it reaches the face; focusing primarily on the cheeks and bridge of the nose (which contains exactly 103 freckles).
• It takes approximately 37 seconds after the initial press of lips for a response to occur. The response is usually a quicken of the breath and a parting of the mouth, although on occasion it has involved tongue.
• It takes approximately 1 minute and 10 seconds for arms to wrap around neck in order to deepen said kiss.
• It takes exactly 3 minutes and 17 seconds each and every time the experiment is performed to achieved the desired reaction – a slow intake of breath that resembles the hissing of a snake (EX: “Fhushu”)

Oh, Inui! 103 freckles. :) :) :)

*loves on you*

Hopefully that means I didn't slaughter his character too badly. Inui is one of those I love reading but dread writing. :(

He is such a dorkus biggius



It's still not downloaded!

What do you say when you are kind of old and someone whom you consider your peer reveals that they still live at home and have to hide their D&D books from their parents?

DnD ? Is it pr0n ? Er ... happens a fair bit hereabouts. Hee !

No, Dungeons and Dragons -- fantasy roleplaying. Some people have a mistaken idea that it's Satanic or something.

Best. Subject line. Ever.

Sounds like you had fun, except for the occasional extreme loser.

Torchwood is taking FOREVER OMG.

Re: Best. Subject line. Ever.

Yeah, it was a pretty good weekend over all. :) The Boy is making popcorn now and we're going to watch Simpsons episodes until our brains bleed our our ears, so hopefully that will keep me from stressing over the lack of Torchwood.


"It will be fun."

Kaidoh has learned from experience not to trust those words from Inui. But he agrees anyway, because it’s Inui. He's never been able to say no, except when it matters, and picking apples doesn't really matter and might actually be fun after all.

So that's how he ends up on a train, speeding through a rain of orange leaves, pondering the missed hours of running, batting Inui's hand away because someone might see.

It turns out that it is kind of fun. The missed workouts are nothing to stretching up to get the nicest apples, tossing them to Inui, helping him lug bushels of them around. And then there's Inui's silly grin, which doesn't go away all day.

So Kaidoh puts up with Inui's hand on his ass (steadying him on the stepladder, he says), with the the bugs and leaves that get in his hair after Inui steals his bandana (to polish apples, he says), with Inui kissing him behind a tree where no-one can see (no reason, he says).

And then the sun swings low and everything flames gold, the trees and the grass and Inui's glasses, and that grin is still there, and Kaidoh thinks that there's nothing he could deny Inui right now, if it keeps Inui smiling like that.

"When we get home," Inui says, shouldering a bag of apples and touching Kaidoh's arm, "we can use these to make juice."

"No," Kaidoh says, and steals Inui's apples.

(Deleted comment)
That is just so lovely. I adore how Inui is such a dork and how much Kaidoh loves him for it. Thank you SO much! It's just what I needed.

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