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You can call me Hal.

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Torchwood: my boring thoughts after watching the first two episodes
I liked it. :) I'm not head over heels in love with it so far, but we'll see how it develops. I like the premise and the characters and the design. And I didn't build it up in my head so much that I set myself up for disappointment.

I am head over heels in love with Gwen: her no-nonsense approach, her impetuousness, her pretty eyes. The gap between her teeth makes me weak in the knees. And her boyfriend is a sweetie. I hope they survive her involvement with Torchwood. I really like Toshiko and Owen so far and it's so nice to be watching a show where the actors are attractive but not so pretty it burns your eyes out. (That's what I get for watching so much US and Japanese TV. I should spend more time on domestic shows.)

And then there's Jack. (Captain Jack, which must give everyone in fandom PotC echos.) I actually don't like Jack all that much: he's too pretty and too, hmm, fatuous? But I like not liking him. He's enjoyable.

I found the first two episodes a lot of fun -- well-paced, good stories. Not brilliant, but very watchable. And now: we wait for more.

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I watched the first ep and need to get to the second but there's still this pang I get remembering the finale of the 10th Doctor and Rose being...gone. Still not over it damnit.

Gwen still needs to grow on me. Its probably a good thing she such a Character- so different from the females we've seen on Doctor Who yet still interesting. The gap in her teeth floored me - at first I thought she had spinach in her teeth, lol. But then, nifty :) Very different from all the Hillary Duffs and Sophia Bush clones - so yay!

But one thing about US tv is good special effects and camera work. British TV can be a bit jarring at times that way - at least the humor in doctor who helped distract us but in Torchwood, which attempts to be a bit more serious, I can't help grinning a bit at odd lighting and camera angles and certain unbelievable effect >__> Yes, bad of me, I know.

I like Captain Jack because I don't like him. He's too pretty, too breezy, all facade, and it all adds up to something Not Quite Right about him - in other words, alien. Which, I think, works very well for the character.

How did I know you were going to dislike Jack? Hee. "Too pretty" strikes again!

Totally with you on Gwen, though: smart, determined, and oh so hot. I really hope her boyfriend doesn't die or anything, but I wouldn't put money on it.

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