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You can call me Hal.

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And you thought I was depraved.
So it only took 2.5 years of beta-reading my Prince of Tennis fic for kestrelsan to express interest in actually watching it.

Two episodes in and she's already saying she's going to write Nanjiroh/Momo porn.

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Ahahaha, I take your inner Inui is happy with the completion of the corrupting process in sight!?

Hee! She needs very little corrupting. Actually, I blame all my depravity on her.

I will never understand that scene where they bare their chests at each other.

I've learned not to question these gifts from the gods.

she's going to write Nanjiroh/Momo porn

Yes, please, and thank you! *g*

It's the pairing I've longed for but sworn not to write, so it's good I have a friend whose just that bad and wrong.

AHAHAHAHA! Oh, poor Momo.

It will be good for him. For some fucked-up value of "good".

Also, I haven't given up hope that you will one day write an InuKai story. Just one -- that's all I ask. :)

And people say I'm perverted.

It must have been at least six episodes in ^______^

*laugh* Yeah, me too. I think it was the Ryoma/Sakuno "date" episode that did it for me.

That pairing is canon. I am afraid the only way Momo would have to win Ryoma's hand from his father would be by a certain, dirty agreement Nanjiro would force on him. Probably behind Ryoma's back. But Karupin will tell him, soon enough, no worries.

Good point! Momo and Nanjiroh are a lot alike, actually.

Yeah, that was my reaction. :)

OHMIGOD kes is going to write Nanjiro/Momo???? OMIGOD xDDDDDDDD

See, in the long run you made it!!! The joy of corrupting not-so-innocent minds...

She's way more corrupted than I am already, so I can hardly take the credit. :)

Ahaha! I'll keep an eye out for it...

I'll try to hold her to it.

That's the way to go. *grins*

I couldn't be any prouder. :)

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