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You can call me Hal.

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InuTez is the hottest thing since Hughes/Roy.
The InuTez art by Mr Randomness is making me weak with longing. Nobody brings out Inui's inner sexgod like Tezuka does.

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LoL!!! That art is absolutely gorgeous, but I found it amusing that I was thinking of it as 'nobody brings out Tez's inner charming uke like Inui does'. :{P

That's another way I considered putting it. :) Tezuka is the uke-est uke in PoT and Inui is the seme-est seme. Together they are "please throw me down and fuck me til I cry" magic.


Why is Inui with a cigarette now suddenly the biggest turn-on in the history of ever??? ;lksjglkjadsg

I KNOW! Christ. Where Tezuka is lighting his cigarette?

I'm either going to start keysmashing or start smoking.


what have you DONE?!

i'm now drooling and nnngghhh-ing and IMing everyone with demands that they CLICK THE LINK AND DROOL WITH ME...

...and meep.

that is just. SEX. pure sex. my god.

has Marksy seen these? i mean. i mean.



I'm kind of hoping this makes everyone so hot and bothered I wake up to a wave of InuTez fic. Here are some suggestions to get everyone started:

* Tezuka needs advice on purchasing a new racquet so he and Inui go out to a few sports stores. Then they go back to Tezuka's house and Inui throws Tezuka down and fucks him til he cries.

* Inui lost one of his notebooks and is all in a tizzy. Tezuka helps him find it, then they go to the clubhouse and Inui throws Tezuka down and fucks him til he cries.

* Inui challenges Tezuka to a match, they play, Tezuka wins. Then Inui throws Tezuka down and fucks him til he cries.

* They become Jedi.

That should do to go on with.


Hot, but I'm not sure I'm comfortable with Inui smoking. He knows better!

He took it up after Kaidoh dropped him for Momo.

That site, omg. That was what started me on Inui/Tez. I now have over ten doujin just of them! Why doesn't everyone in the world ship them!? I don't understand it!!

It started with dj for me. Some of them are just scorching! I like it when Inui makes Tezuka cry.


Wow, I've never really liked Inui/Tezuka, but wow...this has to be some of the hottest fanart I've ever seen. *dies from the pretty*

Goddammit, I'm supposed to be studying for a midterm right now. Damn distractions.

Smexy IT fanart is good for what ails you. :) Just, god, these two. They are on my desktop right now.

I also couldn't grasp how Inui could take up smoking. Not that I could possibly deny it's sexy as hell either. So I figure it's something Inui might do just because he knows it's sure to gain him Tezuka's concern and "attention." :3

And your suggestions now have *me* weak with longing...

When I saw the last illustration, I immediately thought of Robot Tezuka. It was so great. Her art is awesome. X3

Yeah, it does seem weird for Inui, especially. But maybe it's part of his calculated Big Bad Seme pose. *g*

Oh, that last illo is so lovely! I still have it open.

Wow, amazing art! I love the simple they just stand there looking cool pics. *_*

Me too. One of my favouites is where Tezuka is sitting on the ground and you can just see Inui's legs behind him.

Too bad she hasen't drawn any for... years T_T

I know! Also that there's no MitKo.

pocky's never been so hot.

(Deleted comment)
More links for you, since I just went hunting, oh, two days ago.

Multiple pairings, all freaking hot, but the InuTez is the hottest, even when they have handpuppets:

There is also MomoKai! And InuKai! And Inui/Fuji! Okay, actually, Inui/everybody. And then there's this.

The page dubbed 'the scary lips page' (I still like it :D):

This site where Tezuka and Fuji seem to fight over Inui a lot. Also, really lovely data pair:

I swear there was more but I can't find it now!

Oooh, thank you! I will set aside some time this weekend for clicky.

There can never be enough hot Inui art.

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