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You can call me Hal.

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(no subject)
Oh fuck, where are my pants?

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I have them. And I'm not giving them back.

You guys are playing keepaway, aren't you? *cries*

I've heard that one before. :)

(Deleted comment)

Re: they're on my couch!

Yay pants!

Is this why my mother always told me to wear clean underwear?

i have so many icons i could be using right now

You surprise me not at all. :)

I was completely baffled for a while.

(Deleted comment)
I usually like to wear pants. Plus, I like to know where everything is.

Leave 'em at the pub, maybe?

No, though that would have been more interesting. I still can't quite figure out how they got to be where they turned up, since I was the only one home at the time.

That would have driven me bugnuts, truth to be told. I have few enough true neuroses, but I just become crazed when I lose something, when it's not where I know it should be. It happens very rarely, thank goodness.

I'm sure you were much more relaxed about it. (:

(Deleted comment)
Not one of my more intellectual offerings. But sincere.

This is something that I wonder if I really needed to know... :)

Good luck.

Like about 93% of all LJ posts. *g* The pants have been found, so now I may rest.

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