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You can call me Hal.

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A few notes about last night.
* I found my pants. No thanks to any of you.

* I was drunk but I still didn't sign up for yuletide.

* I never tag the fic I write when I'm drunk. That is, I don't have a "written while drunk" tag. But I do tag the migraine fic. I figure "written while drunk" might have the same effect on readers as "I think this fic sucks but read it anyway". While "I have a migraine" might get extra comments out of pity. But I'm kind of interested to see if there are any distinct qualities to my migraine fic and to my drunk fic that don't show up in my "uninfluenced by any drug except probably caffeine" fic. Both the migraine and drunk fic are more likely to be PWP, but I'm not sure they're the same kind.

* Possibly I am way too self-involved.

* No hangover to speak of. That is, headache, but no nausea. I think this is because as well as drinking lots of water afterwards, I also ate lots of food. Of course, I probably gained half a pound, but there must be some sacrifices.

* I've been watching Akihabara@deep, a Japanese drama about a group of otaku. (TV-Nihon is subbing.) It's funny and cracky and touching and predictably I'm in love with Page because he's a sweet underdog with big black glasses and hair in his eyes. So, in the ep I watched last night, they were at a cosplay event, trying to help someone out. I kept stopping the file to check out all the costumes in the background and I was so charmed to see two girls cosplaying Shishido and Ohtori. I'm still smiling over that one.

* I'll try to stop posting so much.

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Oh A@D is so much love! So much love that I'm actually un-lurking! I keep waiting for the episode where a) they all get make overs. b) they will meet female otakus, preferably of the scary yaoi fangirl type. It has to happen and I will enjoy it far too much.

I'm really enamoured of the show! It's just so sweet. If they get make-overs, I hope it doesn't stick because I really like how they're not trying to leave off being otakus, just trying to make a better life for themselves the way they are.

TV-Nihon has subbed 4 eps so far and I've only watched 3. Are you following the Love Song subs?

And who's your favourite? Like I said, I'm in love with Page. But I'd kind of like to slash Box and Taiko.

(And yay for delurking!)

Lol, where on earth woul we find this A@D? Sounds rather nifty XD I've always wanted to watch J-Dramas but there are a lack of online recs for 'em >___>

I'm getting it from TV-Nihon. They don't normally sub dramas, but they're where I get all my toku (which I'm pretty obsessed with). So when they do pick up a drama, I figure I'll enjoy it. I don't watch a lot of dramas, else, unless they are live-action versions of sports manga. :)

For Japanese, Korean, and Chinese drama, go to D-Addicts. They have raws and subs of lots and lots of stuff. There's another group there subbing A@d and they're a couple ahead of TV-Nihon.

Off the top of my head, your migraine fic seems like it's more likely to be either comfort smut or crack for crack's sake, and your drunk fic seems like it's more likely to be crack for smut's sake.

That's proabably as much analysis as the topic deserves. *g*

Ahaha, so you totally just convinced me to download A@D. ^.^ I was thinking about it when I saw that TV-Nihon picked it up, but then I kind of forgot about it, lol. So yes! Will be downloading now. Yay!

Oh, yeah, definitely give it a try. It is just so charming.

OOOH. I wants that dorama !!!!!!!!!

*looks for it*

bah, shishido. 2nd year pair ftw /starts pairing war

Hey, you won't start any wars with me because I don't really care who ships whom. But for sure watch the show. :)

So, where were the pants?

In the hallway. (Inside my apartment, though, not outside.) I have no idea why.

:( why are those episodes so big? They're almost half a gig an episode! :(

I really couldn't tell you. Are both sub groups eps the same size?

Dammit, prillalar. I don't need more things to watch. Really, I don't. There are things I need to write and I keep meaning to catch back up with Bleach and it might be good to walk outside and see the sun once in awhile.

Just. Urgh.

*starts waving an "I LUV U PAGE" banner after only seeing one episode*

I refuse to take any blame. :)

Page is the sweetest sweetie in all Akihabara! Though Taiko is a close second.

@DEEP! Box! Page! *flails in love*

I will also have you know I downloaded some Kamen Rider because of you, but I think I got the wrong one. No shiny penis extensions this time. It was quite tragic.

I seriously need to make some @deep icons very soon. And to write some slash. And to hug them all! *flails also*

When it comes to Kamen Rider, there is no wrong one! Blade is my favourite over-all, 555 has my favourite characters, Hibiki has the most interesting focus, Kabuto is the most shiny. And that's all the ones I've seen all or most of. I have some of a few older series that I'm watching as they're subbed.

(I'm kind of a Kamen Rider freak. Moe!)

Not on my account...

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