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You can call me Hal.

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You are supreme, the chicks will cream
Yeah, okay, I'm watching Supernatural. I like it a lot, I'm all caught up, but as yet have no strong desire to read or write fic. Except the one about me and Ash and Frohike. Ahem.

So, anyhow, there was something in last week's ep that deeply shocked me and I can't get it out of my head. Please take this poll about Supernatural: Simon Said and help me find inner peace.

Dean threw a greasy hamburger wrapper into the back of the Impala. He was:

in-character, no doubt about it
in-character, since it did happen on the show
out-of-character, but clearly he was still mind-controlled
out-of-character, blame the writers, never speak of it again
behaving strangely because of his pregnancy
not Atobe, so who cares?
other, which I will explain at length in a comment

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Dean's cravings make him do strange things.

(I missed a lot following that moment, too caught up in wondering if Dean knew the wrapper landed on the floor, was there a towel or something in the backseat, does he have a trash bin in there, omg that thing is dirty and leaking onto the Impala, Dean you fool!)

At any time that would have triggered a big "what the hell?" from me, but especially just after he's a) rebuilt the whole car and b) just got it back from Obi-Wan. I completely freaked.

There is much talk in fandom of Dean's gay assbabies (and I quote that), so I just chalked it up to cravings.

I wonder when fandom will be able to surprise me again.

I heart your icon, but then, William Shatner is sorta the man my dad always wished he was.

Very few things make me talk back to the screen, but that did. "What?! No! Dean, what are you doing!?!"

It wasn't quite as egregious as Mulder's "I'm not a psychologist" line but it's up there.

OMG that line.

Sorry, I just went back to the old writer hate for a second ;)

Seriously. That was a record low. Bah.

Well, the 'Helsinki syndrome' was pretty low too, I think :P

I have weekly parties where I invite the local fandom people to watch with me. Four people shouting at once "OMG Dean, no way!". It was priceless. I don't know anyone who didn't say something.

To treat his Impala like that! ::GASP::

Also, I need to catch up. I haven't actually seen that episode, haha. Um.

It really did shock me, in a yell out loud way. I never would have thought.

that totally freaked me out.

Yeah, that threw me right off too. But perhaps you're right about the estrogens, and it's some sort of (really feral) nesting.

Dean's baby will nestle in a pile of used hamburger wrappers and crumpled napkins with waitresses's phone numbers scribbled on them. Just like baby Jesus.

And will drink bong water?

Hadn't really thought about it and am now dodging answering the poll because a) i don't wanna say Dean disrespecting the Impala is canon and b) i don't want to say something happening on the show is OOC. *shakes fist* Damn you!

Also, welcome to the dark side!

I know, it's just so hard to find a good answer here.

It seems like kind of a grey side, at best. *g* But I'm enjoying the show.




(you think if I say it three times it will work?)

I can't lose you to SPN.

I don't think there's any need to worry yet. I find the show very enjoyable, but not as compelling as all that. You'll lose me to ES21 before you'll lose me to SPN. (We'll see once I'm caught up with the manga. :D) I'm watching and reading a lot things I love way, way more than SPN.

Eyeshield 21, shounen sports manga/anime about American football. I'm catching up with the manga now. (I actually, started it quite a while ago, but the scanlaters were quite behind then.) I'd probably put it at #3 on my sports series list, behind Slam Dunk and Hajime no Ippo. PoT isn't even on that list because it is just too weird for a sports series.

I do hope to get into the fandom a bit once I'm caught up. But I doubt it will consume all my attention. Slam Dunk definitely would have, if the fandom weren't all but dead now, but it is, so.

Hmm, I've watched many many episodes of Slam Dunk and I honestly think I would like it a whole lot more had it been drawn nowadays with prettier animation. I like the story and what not, the 80s drawing drives me crazy.

*goes to look up Hajime no Ippo*

Do you have to like American Football to like ES21? Because seriously, while I like a lot of sports, that sport has got to be somewhere near the bottom of my list.

Did you ever try Captain Tsubasa?

The Impala=Dean in that scene: the outside is shiny, but the inside is a mess.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Lol, IMO the Metallicar is Dean's wife- it *is* his longest non-family relationship >__>

Therefore, it's the kind of love where your spouse knows your bad habits and still puts up with you. He knows his '67 still loves him even if he's messy.

...and when he said "I'm sorry baby" ----> OMG XD

I went with other because Dean is totally in character (but not because of the whole "it happened in the show". Instead, he is in character because:
1) Dean is clearly something of a slob
2) Dean doing that would irritate the hell out of Sam, which is basically his reason for living
3) We never see the backseat of the Impala for a reason (that I can recall). That reason is that Dean has ripped it out down to the bare bones so that they can carry around anything gross and otherwise Impala destroying that they need for tituals, such as livestock, etc. So throwing trash into that part of the car won't actually harm it. And it still irritates Sam cause he hates anything not being neat. At least, in my world. And my world is a happy place. So I win.

(I really enjoy your PoT fic, btw... you should write some HnG fic involving Ogata. I know you'd do him justice. Just in case you're taking requests.)

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