Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

I got a rock.

Happy Halloween! I've got nothing for you. Because I am busy like a busy bee who has too much contract work to do in too little time plus fanfic deadlines and a visit to its parents looming in the not-too-distant future. A bee that is somewhat stressed, though still cheerful, possibly due to the amount of caffeine consumed in the last 24 hours. Bzzzzzzzzz!

I don't know if you dressed up today or not. I did. As a tool.

My glasses make me look like a tool. This is because today was the day that the optical place called me up and told me to bring in my oh-so-cool Inui-esque frames (with the secret black racing flames, as lj user kormantic calls them) so they could ship them off to the place that makes the oh-so-expensive Nikon lenses that are my only option and which set me back a cool $600+, and that place is not in town, so I am making do with my old frames which are kind of a combination between Tezuka and Harry Potter, combining the least attractive features of each. I look ten years older. Also, I can barely see.

My hair makes me look like a tool. I am in the process of trending my look from "butch tech geek girl" to "cool designer geek girl" with a side of "respectable business person" thrown in. So, I'm keeping my labret but wearing less clothes that are purchased in the Zellers Men's Department (though still roughly the same amount of clothes over-all) and growing my hair from a short sticky-up cut to a chin-length bob (which I've had before and which looks pretty good on me). But right now I have in-between hair. I have "middle-aged woman" hair. And the Tezuka-Potter glasses do not complement it at all.

My trenchcoat makes me look like a tool. I pulled it out the back of the closet today to wear to a client meeting instead of my black hooded raincoat. Never again. That trenchcoat? Has shoulder pads.

But I'll get my cool glasses back soon, my hair will grow out eventually, and I'll never wear that coat again. And my ass is looking pretty good these days, so that's something.
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