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There is Page/Box in my brain; it just hasn't completely surfaced yet. Though I am sekritly shipping Page/Izumu as well. Also, Page/Hal.

♥♥♥ PAGE ♥♥♥

Question for discussion: What do you think it would take for Akira to go on a date with Daruma?

I love this show so much. Damn.

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A mission, of course! They have to -- go undercover. As a couple. Box says "think of it like a cosplay, Daruma" and then "Akira, girls aren't supposed to dropkick their boyfriends" with a nice lovely sweatdrop.

... I can't believe you have me contemplating Akira/Daruma. djhfkdhfk

I don't think Daruma would protest too much. :) Hmm, maybe someone is targeting couples in Akiba and harassing them so that's why they're undercover.

I can't believe you have me contemplating Akira/Daruma.

Don't you think they're meant to be?

Your icon is so happy!

There is Page/Box in my brain

I think you misspelled "Taiko" as "Page", there.

What do you think it would take for Akira to go on a date with Daruma?

I agree with darkeyedwolf who said a Mission For Justice. But I think a good case can be made for a hella lot of alcohol and Daruma actually wearing a good costume for once. Although, I think the Maetel one was quite good.

I think you misspelled "Taiko" as "Page", there.

Obviously, Page/Box is better than Taiko/Box. Admit the superiority of my pairing! We will polarize the fandom with our shipping war. I think there are about 7 people including us, so it should be easy to tell who wins.

God, I would love to see Akira drunk.

Superiority? Hey, I understand you have a liking for fringe, impossible pairings, but I am having difficulty that you can't recognize the sheer rightness that is the Tru Boi Luv between Taiko and Box. And there shall be no war, as all shall be on my side due to sheer obviousness! Taiko/Box 4-Eva! Viva la resistance! Olly Olly Oxen Free!

She would probably try to kick ass while drunk. And if Naruto has taught me anything, it's that people trying to fight while drunk is hilarious.

I'll rise to your bait as soon as I've WATCHED EPISODE EIGHT!!!

"Box! Come here! You've got to see this."

"What, Taiko?" Box left his Ero Den of Girlish Figures (or so he liked to call his work area at akihabara@deep) and peered over Taiko's shoulder at the computer screen. "What're you looking at?"

"Livejounal." Taiko clicked on a link. "It's a popular journal site. There are a couple good music sharing communities on it that I visit. But that's not what I want you to see!" He highlighted a section of the journal that he had pulled up. "Read that!"

Box pushed Taiko's shoulder, rolling his eyes. "Hey! I can't read English!"

Taiko pushed back and then pointed at the screen. "It seems that there are some girls who know about akihabara@deep in America."

"Really?" Box leaned forward again and squinted at the screen in earnest. "Isuzu-san's site really does get the word out about us."

"But that's not all!" Taiko highlighted another portion of the screen. While Box's grasp on English wasn't good, he could recognize his name in romanji. On the screen, it was connected with both Taiko's and Page's with a slash. "This girl thinks that you should be with Page. In a love sense!"

"Eeeh?" Box shouted, staring at the screen. "Me and...Page? Love? Eeeh?"

"Y-y-y-ou a-and me, w-w-wh-what?" Page said, hurrying over.

"Some girl thinks we should be together!" Box said, hurriedly changing his gloves and inching away from Page.

"E-e-e-e-e-eeeh?" Page said, his eyes growing wide.

"And this other girl," Taiko continued, "thinks that you should be with me. See? The slash means a love pairing."

"EEH?" Box shouted again. "How does she kn - I mean, why are they saying that?"

Taiko didn't answer the question, still pointing and highlighting different areas of the screen. "And this girl, who thinks that you and Page should be together, challenged this girl, who thinks that you and me should be together, and I think they're going to have a battle!"

"L-like the ma-ma-ma-maid b-battle?" Page asked.

"Maybe!" Taiko said, studying the screen. "I think they're going to throw fish at each other. One of the girls said something about bait. And this one said something about cows. A big battle of fish and beef?"

"W-well, w-w-we have to s-s-s-s-stop t-them!" Page declared. "T-t-they sho-ou-ldn't fight, e-especia-a-ally since n-n-either is true!"

Box shuffled, looking sheepish, and Taiko grinned. "Yeah, Page," Taiko said, eyes practically sparkling. "akihabara@deep is all about justice, not forbidden boy love. We need to teach them that."

"A-a-alright!" Page declared, adjusting his glasses. "P-p-planning t-t-time!"

And thus it came about that alice_and_lain was completely right and prillalar was completely wrong, but no fish/beef battle occurred as both bonded over the adorableness that is Page.

akihabara@deep is all about justice, not forbidden boy love

I could have sworn that was in the preview for episode 9!

This so made my night. ♥ So much so that I will come down and admit that I too was shipping Taiko/Box at first. At first.

But I would still like to have a fish battle. In ero maid outfits.

*laughs* It's a Box episode so I think you may be right!

Thank you, even though their voices absolutely suck in this. S-s-so hard to write; I didn't even try to attempt Akira or Isuzu because I knew INSTANT FAILURE if I did. And hah, so you saw their true and blinding love initially! Victoly para mio!

With seven-colored panties too?

Obviously it would be something cosplay related... then again, I'm thinking Box/Page could be cosplay related as well. Something about "2D girls don't actually have to be girls, they just have to be moe!"

...Hey, it can't be worse than Daruma/Akira.

Hmm, who should Page dress up as? Maybe they also have to go undercover with Daruma and Akira. That would be awesome. Page may be the girl, but he's also the s-s-seme.

That is the happiest otaku I've ever seen! :D

I am so all over this show when I'm done with assignments (and with work, and with drawings, and...). Thanks for the heads-up!

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