Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

O frabjous day!

I had the Day From Hell. (Heh. Actually, I'm reading From Hell at the moment, but that was one of the good parts of the day.) Rather, the Work Day From Hell. It got lots better when I got home.

Because my Stargate DVDs finally arrived!

This is S1, mind you. I've never actually watched the show before, but people have been trying to get me into it and I thought I'd gamble on liking it.

I've had such a time trying to get S1, though. I ordered it from a local store about two or three months ago. Then, when it came in, the store sold it to someone else. Not sure how that happened. So, they re-ordered. But then they were out of stock and we had to wait until more DVDs were pressed.

I'd begun to think that this fandom and I were Not Meant To Be. But here they are.

I also grabbed the movie, which I'd seen when it first came out. (James Spader? He needs to call me.) Tonight I watched that and watched the series pilot and drank wine and ate snacks.

And now I feel much, much better.

I figure I'll need to get through S1 before I start reading (or writing!) any fic, but I'll be sure to post when I need some recs and chat and icons. The show looks good. I fully anticipate fangirlishness.


And, hey, it kept my mind off Harry Potter for 4 hours!

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