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i am become crack

I'm reading this story where Kaidoh has multiple personalities and all of them are in love with Inui. Also Kaidoh and Inui and Fuji and Eiji and Oishi and Tezuka all have psychic powers. Oh my GOD I want Inui and Tezuka to have Hot Brain Sex right now.

Of course, if Inui could just project his thoughts at Tezuka any time instead of having to call him 20 times a day on his mobile, Tezuka would probably resort to wearing a tinfoil hat to block Inui's brain rays. Except when Inui threw Tezuka down on the bed and taught him anew what it means to be a weepy, fluid-covered uke. Though maybe Inui would make him keep the hat on.

You know, it would be more interesting if each of Kaidoh's personalities were in love with someone different. Because then we could read about him getting it on with everyone at Seigaku (and maybe Kamio). Also, he should have a new, hot, meticulously described outfit in every scene. And none of the personalities are in love with Momo and even though Momo is a straight boy, there's something about that that really bothers him. So he tries to figure out a way to steal the love of one of Kaidoh personalities and then humiliate him. But Momo badly miscalculates and ends up on the receiving end of Inui's brain, without benefit of a tinfoil condom.

Also, there should be something about Mitsui and Kogure. And maybe Joey and Chandler.

(I'm not drunk. Just very, very tired.)
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