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You can call me Hal.

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Always on my mind.
inukai away
I was just zipping around the drugstore, throwing things in my basket, speeding through my errands so I could go home. And then a song came on over the PA. It was one of the songs on the playlist I listened to while I was writing 300 and, more than any other, it really shaped the story for me. And so I took a moment, in front of the antacids, and thought about Inui and Kaidoh and got all sad and happy and misty-eyed.

Here's the song: All She Wrote by Default. Something's wrong with your mind. It won't think of me anymore.

Now I want to write some short and sweet InuKai. Somebody give me a prompt?

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I haven't been able to get cookies out of my head :p

But seriously, I want to read next year!InuiKai and see how their relationship pans out then.

Hee! Your cookies rule.

But seriously, I want to read next year!InuiKai and see how their relationship pans out then.

Oh, me too. But that's a much bigger job than I'll have time for for months. (And I'm worried that it will be even more depressing.)

Yeah it's not exactly a short, is it.

The high school is sort of attached to the middle school isn't it? Just a different building?

Hmmm. *ponders*

Yeah I have no short and sweet prompts, alas.

You know, I don't think that it is attached. Otherwise, I'm sure we would have seen creeptastic Yamato a lot more than we have. And they might train with the high school boys, like Rikkai does that time. I don't think we know either way, but it seems like it must be further away.

I remember at the Most Amazing Training Camp when Yamato arrived, Sakuno said something about him being in highschool, which was in a different building, which is why we didn't see him.

Thing is there is a big wall between the classes even - I'm thinking of all those 2nd years who can't go see Oishi because they're not allowed up there.

But you're right, it's probably much farther away or Yamato would have come down himself just to check out the team huh.

oh, music. *snags* and here's an attempt at a prompt -> How zippers work.

Ooh, I like that one. I shall think zippy thoughts and see what comes of it.

I know, I am. :) But...it's Inui and Kaidoh!

(Deleted comment)
Hee! Momo sneaks in everywhere. How much further have you got in the episodes?

just go read PoT genderswap stories at ff.n for a while and the urge will go away

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