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You can call me Hal.

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Holiday Wishlist

This year, I would like:

  1. Fanfic gnomes to finish all my WIPs.

  2. An episode all about the Wonder that is Kaidoh. Well, okay, another episode all about the Wonder that is Kaidoh. Because I'm greedy.

  3. Peace, love, and understanding.

  4. A time machine so I can go back and participate in Slam Dunk fandom.


  6. A bottle of 16-year-old Lagavulin. I'm going to go buy that for myself tomorrow.

  7. People to watch Kamen Rider 555 and write me Takumi/Kiba fic. Or read Takumi/Kiba fic if I posted some. Or just flail with me over Kiba gazing longingly at Takumi.

  8. A hockey anime with the main character voiced by Kiyasu Kohei.

  9. Drew Barrymore.

  10. Everyone on my friends list to have a happy, healthy, trouble-free year. That should cut the daily post count by at least half.

  11. Cheese. A lot of cheese.

(I should perhaps clarify for the sake of the capricious fandom gods, having mentioned Kaidoh and KR 555 in the same post, that I am of course referring to Kaidoh Kaoru from PoT and not stupid fucking Kaidoh Naoya from 555.)

Actually, I don't celebrate any winter solstice-type holidays, other than longing for the solstice itself to come, so the sun will return. That's why I'm not signing up for anybody's card lists or such. But you guys are really sweet to do that for people. ♥

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Drew Barrymore is MINE.

We could fight it out. :)

so how's Lagavulin? 2nd hand drinkie descriptions make me happy puppy.

It's my favourite single malt (not that I've tried dozens), very smokey and quite smooth, especially with a splash of water. I spend about the same time smelling it as I do actually drinking. Single malt is the best dessert ever, imo. I had some Oban Highland last night and that was fabulous too, but I don't think it can touch the Lagavulin.

Everyone on my friends list to have a happy, healthy, trouble-free year. That should cut the daily post count by at least half.

Not necessarily - we could be posting more fic, dammit! LOL!

But it takes more time to write a fic than to post about your sucky job, so I think there would still be less posts. But yay for more fic!

Everyone on my friends list to have a happy, healthy, trouble-free year. That should cut the daily post count by at least half.

Ah, but where would our procrastination time be, then? I suppose, writing fic, but...

I suppose if there weren't enough trauma in our lives, we'd just have to invent some. And then there would be even MORE LJ drama.

Hmm. Now I have an inspiration for your birthday...

I'll be looking forward to the Kamen Rider fic!

Ahh, the holidays are coming around. So exciting. I agree with 1, 2, and 4. Hey, even 3. XD 8 and 10 for kicks too.

If you write fic, I'll read it! Even if I don't know who the characters are or what the fandom is...

A hockey anime would be all my dreams come true! Of course, I'm still kind of fixated on the image of Mitsui as a hockey player, with his false teeth out and a glorious mullet. I'm going to have to commission someone to draw that for me at some point.

YES, YES. Make sure to share when you do! :D

I would totally watch 555 with you, if not to write fic, at least to drool over Fujita Ray in his delicious jailbait years. :D

I had NO idea while I was watching that he was that young during filming. He surely didn't *look* 15. And, my god, he was always slinking around with his shirt slipping off one shoulder. (But it's still Takumi for me.)

6. I read that as Atobehara at first and my eyebrows shot up into my hairline.



Hee! No Atobe. But that is the show where I saw the Shishido & Ohtori cosplayers in one episode.

A hockey anime

I'm in TOTAL agreeance here!! Why is that anyway? They made animes for all sports out there BUT ice hockey. That would be hot and not only that, I wanna see the fights. *lol*

I realised it was all about the sports for me when I was reading Sakende Yaruze! and was all, less boykissing, more hockey, please!

Willing to share Drew if you get her? *eyes you speculatively*

Holy crow, it's the heart-shaped lips. I'll take the bottom lip if you don't want it...

I only caught the dying strains of Slam Dunk fandom myself. It may be my favorite anime/manga series ever, overall. My very first taste of Boys' Love was actually of Slam Dunk characters (I think I actually went, "Eww! What are they doing?!" And it was just a kiss), but I didn't have regular internet back then. By the time I got around to looking for it years later, it was on its last legs. :(

Though I actually wasn't as into the BL potential of it as much as I was for other series. I think I just loved it too much exactly the way it was. However, my own inner fangirl did tattoo SenRu on her forehead while I wasn't looking. ^^

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