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You can call me Hal.

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Genius 324 raw
mk hands
Download the zip.

Ooooooooooooooookay. Every now and then I am reminded that these kids are, in fact, in junior high.

Who was carrying those around? Do they have a Nationals Emergency Bag that includes wrestling masks and hair clippers? (Well, Inui probably would.) Or do they have some Secret Life that we do not know about? This almost makes me want to struggle through the furigana, but then I'd never get my santa_smex writing done.

Oh, but this is too much crack for me now. And these are my boys. I wanted them to have a good game, not a ridiculous one. *sniff*

But it is kind of funny. :) Time for the Cromartie High crossover, I think.

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Tezuka carries them around.

I want to know if Inui's brain exploded when Koharu pinched Kaidoh's ass.


I think *my* brain exploded. Though can that be the first time someone grabbed Kaidoh on the court? Probably half of Inui's doubles strategies depend on distracting their opponents with Kaidoh's sweet ass.

I loved the look on the Ichinen trio's faces.

Almost as priceless as Kaidoh's own.


I can't download the whole thing now, but based on that image, I'm sad that we didn't know they were both moonlighting as Nacho Libre. Do the refs have anything to say about this?

- the-unable-to-log-in-marks

They said *something* but they're playing like that. So. And here's the ass grab:

I mean, which of us wouldn't take that opportunity?

God, this manga gets stranger and stranger every week. But yeah, I think the two of us would be elbowing each other for the chance. :D

Kaidoh's expression is so much love. I think I have to icon that.

We should have plan ready so that if we get the opportunity, we can trap him and each get in a good grope.

Well, if that weren't sexual harassment. And corruption of a minor. And a manga character. *sigh*

Planning time? (Yes, that is a hint that you are evil, evil, evil and I am watching another series that I have no time for.)

Just tell me you're shipping Page/Box and not Taiko/Box. (Our shipping wars are conducted in ero maid costumes, just so you're prepared.)

...I am, actually. It does count when you're shipping Page/everyone, right? I mean. Gah.

Including Page/Hal, I hope.


*looks into threesomes*

It's nice to share, isn't it?

(Just don't start watching SPN becuase I am NOT letting anyone else near Ash.)

(Not a problem. I still think people are talking about Sports Night when they abbreviate it SPN.)

So did your subconscious come up with crossdressing, crying kindergartner Kaoru-chan or was that mine?

Honestly, I read that at 2am this morning, went to sleep, and woke up convinced it was all a cracktastic dream I'd had. And then I remembered.

It's the crossdressing that makes no sense to me, unless Kaidoh's mother is like Yuuri's mother. But crying mistaken-for-a-girl kindergartner Kaoru-chan actually explains a lot.

...mexican wrestling mask ftw.


Yeah. That about sums it up. Whatever Konomi is taking for his back pain, I want some.

Right, then. Someone let me know when Rikkai makes another appearance, mmkay?

I know what would make you feel better: Slam Dunk! Actual, real shounen sports manga, best ever. I can fix you up...

*amused* And just how did you plan to do that?

.................................I don't know whether to laugh or cry!!!! Ohhhhhh my god. Is it even worth trying to stick to canon anymore?!?!

The ass grab was fantastic though. It's like Konomi is trying to appeal to the fangirls but his conscious won't let him so he has to turn to crack!

I know. I'm still wondering if I'm going to wake up and find that this is all a dream. Only my subconscious never comes up with this much crack.

*is waiting for download to finish OMG THANK YOUUUUUU*

...please tell me that those are tennis balls in Koharu's shirt. *__________*

Ah, wait....okay, now I can see the side frame more clearly. I LOVE THIS. CRACK, CRACK EVERYWHERE.

I am actually starting to be afraid of the crack. But I love that icon.

OMG. I was going to wait another couple of weeks so I could read a see a few at a time, but.... my god that crack is calling me right now.

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