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You can call me Hal.

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All in the family
mk together
I shared the Genius 324 crack scans of doom with my partner, who is a Prince of Tennis fanboy. And he wrote some fanfiction that made me laugh. So I made him get an LJ and post it.

The Curse of Planet Spectra by l_worm. Seven-Zark-Seven has a job for Momo and Kaidoh.

He's kind of fun to have around. :)

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hilarious. my husband creature mostly backs out of the room when i switch it on, muttering about how he's too young for locker room scenes.


very very funny and yet it doesn't feel exactly like crack (or maybe my radar is off from reading too much of it)... I wish I had a fic-writing boyfriend. Or just a boyfriend, y'know XD

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