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You can call me Hal.

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Happy Birthday, Okiayu Ryoutarou
The first anime I wached was Gundam Wing. My favourite character was Treize Kushrenada, who is voiced by Okiayu. It's not only Treize's voice that makes him so wonderful, but it's a huge factor. The second anime I watched was Fullmetal Alchemist. Okiayu voices Scar, whom I still can't think about without my stomach clenching up. Oh my god, Scar. The third anime I watched was Prince of Tennis, and Okiayu, of course, voices our toasty buchou pal, Tezuka.

I was beginning to think that Okiayu was in every anime ever. That's really not so far off the mark, actually. His lovely, lovely voice makes the anime experience just that much better and even in the series where he doesn't have a regular role, I live in hope that he'll make a guest appearance.

To celebrate, give me a pairing that includes a character from the list below, a prompt, and I'll write you a one-line fic. And tell me who your favourite Okiayu character is. (Can you guess mine?)

Characters I'm familiar enough with to write about:

Treize Kushrenada (Gundam Wing)
Scar (Fullmetal Alchemist)
Tezuka Kunimitsu (Prince of Tennis)
Mitsui Hisashi ♥♥♥ (Slam Dunk - best sports series EVER)
Kuchiki Byakuya (Bleach -- bearing in mind that I'm not up-to-date with either the manga or the anime atm, but I have seen through the Soul Society arc)
Soma Shigure (Fruits Basket -- I might be a little shaky here)

I've also heard him as:

Shinomiya Koji (Gakuen Heaven)
Reever Wenhamm (D.Gray-man -- actually, I don't think I have seen him yet, but I'm waiting)
Rokushou Aoi (Naruto -- god, that was a terrible outfit Aoi had)
Honda Hiroto (Yu-Gi-Oh! -- the first series)
Akuramu - (Harukanaru Toki no Naka de ~Hachiyou Shou~ aka "The show with the really long name that we watched just because of Okiayu")

Bonus mp3: Onosaka Masaya singing (and I use the term loosely) Ore wa Okiayu Ryoutarou. I believe that's the man himself yelling at Onosaka at the end.

Oh god. This is like a dream. :D

Treize/Zechs. Pleeeeeease.

And Treize is my boyfriend favorite. Is Mitsui yours??????????

Mitsui, forever and ever. But you have to give me a prompt, or my brain won't perform.

I heart Okiayu-san, though the first seiyuu to make a big impression on me was actually Koyasu Takehito, and my all-times favorites are mostly women who do boy voices. Also, you haven't lived 'til you've heard Okiayu as Jinnai in El-Hazard. (First series, though I'm no longer sure how to tell which one that is.)

Inui/Tezuka for the win, glasses.

Tezuka took the wrong pair of glasses from the nightstand and the world bent around him, all dizzying smears of light, until Inui pulled him back down and kissed him until he closed his eyes again.

Ideally, I'd love Tezuka/Ryoma. :D However, Tezuka-anyone you like is the other option. Whatever you want. I don't mind. Please. ♥ Um... prompt: red.

It's a toss-up between Treize and Tezuka. Possibly Tezuka, since I need to sit down and rewatch GW at some point.

"Thank you, buchou," the card says, the characters carefully drawn in red marker, and Tezuka keeps it pinned up by the bed, smiling when Ryoma calls him a sentimental old man.

Oooohhh you're getting a lot of Tez, but I don't know any of the other Okiayu characters, so I'll just request a no-pairing one liner with the prompt "masturbation" ;) *hides*

Not exactly pairing-free, I'm afraid.

"Tezuka, I told you at the hospital to tell me if you needed a hand with anything," Fuji said, closing the bathroom stall door behind him.

Oh wow, he really has been in a ton of shows. This shows I don't know my seiyu at all. He's in some old school stuff and, damn, a variety of characters. Jinnai in El Hazard is the same as *Ran-chan* from Kizuna and OMFG **Yuu** in Marmalade Boy. (Well, actually, if one were to imagine Tezuka as the lead in a shoujo anime, it might not be too terribly different from the emoting-ness of Yuu in Marmalade Boy). I'd love to vote for Ran-chan aka Ranmaru (pairing: Ranmaru/Enjouji), but if you're not familiar with Kizuna, I'd go with Scar/Ed or Scar/Lust from FMA.

There wasn't anything Ed wouldn't let Scar do to him, as long as he didn't have to look him in the eyes.


I always look up the VAs whenever I watch something new. Otherwise, I can't concentrate on the show because I'm trying to work out who everyone is. :) I should try to track down Kizuna, sounds like, esp since Fujiwara Keiji voices Enjouji.

I realize that this entire post is an elaborate excuse for you to write Mitsui/Kogure...but I'm going to ask for Mitsui/Hikoichi instead, since you posted that cracked out mp3. :D

Ack, forgot a prompt! Um...karaoke!

Well, I'm asking for Mitsui/Kogure. :DDD Prompt: TEETH.

I knew you'd come through for me.

"How do they look?" Mitsui says, barely parting his lips, and Kogure wants to kiss Mitsui until his mouth opens and his skin burns, but settles for "fine" and a pat on the shoulder.

Oh please, Tezuka anyone. Tezuka everyone. And, as a prompt, uh... sweater. Yes. Tezuka, anyone, everyone, and a sweater.

I tried to stop thinking about Ed Wood, but failed.

The angora always does it for Atobe, his hands skimming lightly up Tezuka's sides as he watches the changes in Tezuka's face, and Sanada prefers the wool, rubbing his cheek on Tezuka's shoulder so they don't have to look each other in the eyes, and Yukimura likes the cashmere, the way it slides against Tezuka's chest and arms, but Inui doesn't care which sweater Tezuka is wearing, so long as he can pull it over Tezuka's head and press his mouth against bare skin.


Tezuka is such a sweater slut. God.

Tezuka/Kaidoh, loyalty. And the only character I'm familiar with from that long list is Tezuka, but I love him a lot.

Kaidoh won't say who or why he was fighting but Tezuka already knows and he waits while Kaidoh finishes his laps so they can walk to the train together.

Scar/Lust, "Orpheus".

I love Okiayu. My favorite of his has been Scar, who still turns me inside out with love and grief and is also the hottest anime man ever, in great part due to voice. But funny wise cruel lovely Shigure pulls a close second favorite.

I wish I had the nerve to rewatch FMA.

Her face hurts him, she's wrong, but Scar looks as long as he can; when he goes to hell, she won't be there, neither of them, only his brother.


Thank you for the sound file! Shigure really is such a treat.

How about Byakuya x Tezuka? XDXD I think I'm kidding.

I don't even know who my favorite Okiayu character is. He's just...everywhere. I have a special soft spot for Shigure.

Tezuka dealt neatly with each of Byakuya's attacks, his racquet as powerful as any zanpaktou, but in the end, Byakuya's hair was just way cooler.


Okay, that was lame. But it's nearly midnight.

...Wait, we're allowed VA-cest crossovers? Because in that case: Shigure/Tezuka prompt: water, because Shigure is just one of my favourite characters ever.

And in case Fruit's Basket/PoT is just too much; Inui/Tezuka, prompt: yesterday. Because Inui/Tezuka is always good, regardless of anything :D

I wasn't trying to encourage crossovers, but who am I to say no?

In the middle of the night when he found his ass being thoroughly groped, Tezuka began to regret letting that stray dog in from the rain.


Though this sounds like something more likely to happen to Kaidoh. ♥

I love sooooo many roles by Okiayu that I can't choose which is my favourite. (Even if crack!RajiPuri-Tezuka may be the ultimate Okiayu character...)
The first time I heard his voice was in "Boku no Chikkyû o mamotte", one of the first anime I saw in Japanese, where he voiced Issei, and I still love this role... Another role I heard him soooo long ago was as K in Gravitation which made me definitely fall for this seiyuu ^_____^

Anyway, for the one-line fic, I beg for a Scar x Al XD

You're so right about rajipuri Tezuka.

Al could almost remember what it was to touch, to feel, but when Scar looked at him with those terrible eyes, Al thought Scar's hand on his skin would be something completely new.

I'm probably late, so I won't request anything, but I had no idea that all those people had the same voice actor.

Just looking at the list, I think he's been in every single anime I've seen except for Loveless and Yakitate Japan.

This is amazing.

I am amazed that I had no idea that Mitsui is also Tezuka. My mind, it is blown.

People are still doing requests, so throw one in if you want one. If only Okiayu had been in Yakitate!! Japan. He could have voiced Pierrot.

Also: ♥Mitsui♥.

OMG HIKOICHI IS MOMOSHIRO. I didn't realize that until I *just* read your comments. I heard Hikoichi shout "Unburivuburuya!" in my head, my eyes bugged out and I almost fell over at the connection. Wow... LOL.

That mp3 cracked me up and just made me like Onosaka a lot more. XD Where is that from?

While I've always really enjoyed Okiayu's voice and characters, I didn't get into him until Tezuka, so I'd say that Toast would have to be my fave. :)

Side note - I looked back at his list of roles to make sure I didn't forget one, and I saw he voiced Alucard from Castlevania. I never knew that!! *mini-squee!"

I was going to give a pairing/prompt, but then I read the Tezuka-anyone-sweater one you wrote and I just don't think I need to anymore. o_o ilu.

I HATE HIKOICHI! And it didn't help that Onosaka was also voicing that Shohoku second-string guy as well as a whole whack of random crowd voices. When I was watching Hajime no Ippo and realised that he was voicing Sendoh, I literally did a facepalm. But he was excellent! Now I want every sports anime to have Kiyasu and Onosaka as rivals.

So, what other sweaters does Tezuka wear and which semes do they match up with? *g*