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You can call me Hal.

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I plan to be interesting again once my santa_smex story is done.
kaidoh yagyuu
* I have completed all the one-line fic on the Okiayu Birthday post. Yes, it was, as flonnebonne said, "an elaborate excuse to write Mitsui/Kogure", but my favourite turned out to be Tezuka the Sweater Slut.

* Saizen released the sub of Prince of Tennis OVA 5 aka KAIDOH IS WONDERFUL OMG. (torrent link) I've downloaded but haven't had time to watch. Anyhow, I have a bitch of a time getting those mp4 files to play at all well on my Mac, either in VLC Player or QuickTime. It's all jerky and horrible. Anyone have any luck? eta: I should also say that I've tried converting them to avi using VisualHub, but I don't get a usable file.

* TV-Nihon released a sub of a Garo special (torrent link) that I didn't even know existed! Again, I've downloaded, but not watched. In the forums, they say to be sure to watch all the way to the end.

* TV-Nihon also released Akihabara@DEEP episode 10 (torrent link) on Sunday, which I of course watched immediately. Oh my god! So good. Page is the most awesome thing and I'm half in love with Nakagomi now too.

* kestrelsan posted some lovely Supernatural fic she wrote after we talked about how Sam would end up after the show was over: Down Like Water, gen, Sam and Dean in the aftermath. You should read it.

* My santa_smex story proceeds, but more slowly than I had anticipated. I will absolutely have it done by the deadline, but I may be flailing around on Thursday for a beta who is not off celebrating American Thanksgiving.

* I'm two weeks behind on BSG, Torchwood, and Heroes. How did that happen? I feel cut off!

* I have many tabs open with posts and fic and such. I think they will have to wait until the weekend, more's the pity.

* I love you all.

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Hmm, when I have mp4s that are jerky and barely-watchable like that, I convert them for my iPod and watch it there -- they play beautifully. If you don't have a video iPod, I suspect you could still convert it and watch it via iTunes (although I'm not sure if there's a way to make it any bigger than the tiny iPod screen size).

Oh, interesting idea! I've tried coverting them to .avi via VisualHub, but with no luck. I'll try iPod and see what that does. Thanks!

If you get stuck, I'll gladly beta for you. :)

Thanks, hon. :) I may take you up on that.

yup re: the slowmoving santa_smex. I'm also behind with Heroes and BSG, but hey, will be the treat while we're packing more stuff, hehehe.

People seem to be very conscientious about betas. Hmmmm. *ponders mending my ways*

I plan to spend my weekend absorbing media and drinking scotch, while sitting around in my pyjamas, unwashed and unbrushed, calling for my partner to replenish my cheese plate at intervals. I think I'll have earned it.

I don't have everything I write beta-ed (especially the stuff I write while drunk off my head *g*), but this has turned out a little on the plotty side, so I want someone who will tell me if the pacing sucks, etc. And also comfort me when I cry because it's terrible, oh so terrible! (I haven't quite hit that stage yet, but I bet I will tomorrow.)

I feel vaguely threatened by your tags.

The OVA is even better with the subs. I went to sleep all smiley and filled with sparkly love. There appears to be some carryover.

The hearts! They call to me! Kaidoh, oh Kaidoh! ♥♥♥

I am definitely not allowed to watch this until my story is done.

still need to torrent Torchwood.

I have scraped over 2000 words of smex in the last 3 days. Have decided my entry will consist mainly of oneline drabbles that are not forming a cohesive whole.

Am debating whether I will spend my evening a) watching bad TV or b) uploading Maryanne Faithful.

P.S. I think I should turn the heat on.

Have decided my entry will consist mainly of oneline drabbles that are not forming a cohesive whole.

That's my backup plan if this story crashes and burns. Or I'll just get really, really drunk and see what happens next.

I vote for TV. And only the weak turn on the heat. Put on a sweater and a touque.

I don't own a Mac, but Saizen's Help page suggests using the latest mplayer for Mac users. Maybe you'll have some luck with that?

While checking the file, I caught some of those awesome glimpses of Kaidoh. Like the gratuitous panning shots of skin & toned muscle. Abs! And the Yagyuu/Kaidoh! Gah. I've been waiting until all the OVA is out before watching them. Maybe I need to change my mind. >.<

mplayer worked like a charm, thank you! I used to use that all the time but there were so many files it couldn't play I switched to VLC.

I think you should just go ahead and watch. Why deny yourself the hotness?

Page is your boyfriend? *amused* Is that with or without the computer assistance?

This is what happens when I browse for other akihabara@deep fans. It results in random commenting.

Hi :)

Just staking my claim. :D There really needs to be an actual akihabara@deep fandom. Maybe now that my smex fic is done there will be time to hound people some more.

And I have to ask: which side of the Page/Box - Taiko/Box ship wars do you fall on?

I sure hope there's a fandom made soon. Seriously. Once Marks uploads me some screencaps I'm making icons until I die, so that can be a contribution to fandom starting maybe? Haha.

Aahhh... I'm something of a Page/Izumu shipper, actually. I'm failing to see the gay in this series. *shockface* Although Taiko/Box?! What?! (I've only seen up to episode 5 but... what?!)

I don't usually get this fandom-flail-y over a series this short, but I haven't been this excited over a show in a long time. Hopefully there will be at least some fic.

Although Taiko/Box?!

Since I'm on the Page/Box side of things, that's encouraging. *g*

I like Page/Izumu too, actually. And I have kind of a weird thing for Akira/Daruma. With Box, it's not so much the gay as the "real women scare me" thing -- just watching the boys fall all over each other as they admire fake women does it for me. :)

Taiko is totally not gay. 100%. He's just... an otaku. :) How is there even a Taiko/Box side though?!

Page/Izumu is cute, because they'd be perfect and he'd be all flaily and she'd be all *sigh* and ♥ It makes my heart all a flutter thinking of it! And you wrote fic? Even if it is Page/Box I'd love to read!

Akira/Daruma HAS to happen. It's sick, it's twisted and it's totally gross, but... skakdljds :D :D :D

I haven't written any fic, no. Not yet, anyhow.

I always think that Page and Izumu look like brother and sister. Probably because of their hair. Which is probably why I ship them. ♥

And who knew the idea of Akira/Daruma would be so compelling? But there is it.

ldal;kdasd fic needs to be written! I'd offer but I suck at writing... I just stick to the icons! :)

Aahaha :D They... oh man. They're just so cute.

It is that exactly! Compelling. Like you don't want it to happen yet you're morbidly fascinated with the idea. I keep seeing UST between them now and it makes me giggle :D

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