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I plan to be interesting again once my santa_smex story is done.

* I have completed all the one-line fic on the Okiayu Birthday post. Yes, it was, as flonnebonne said, "an elaborate excuse to write Mitsui/Kogure", but my favourite turned out to be Tezuka the Sweater Slut.

* Saizen released the sub of Prince of Tennis OVA 5 aka KAIDOH IS WONDERFUL OMG. (torrent link) I've downloaded but haven't had time to watch. Anyhow, I have a bitch of a time getting those mp4 files to play at all well on my Mac, either in VLC Player or QuickTime. It's all jerky and horrible. Anyone have any luck? eta: I should also say that I've tried converting them to avi using VisualHub, but I don't get a usable file.

* TV-Nihon released a sub of a Garo special (torrent link) that I didn't even know existed! Again, I've downloaded, but not watched. In the forums, they say to be sure to watch all the way to the end.

* TV-Nihon also released Akihabara@DEEP episode 10 (torrent link) on Sunday, which I of course watched immediately. Oh my god! So good. Page is the most awesome thing and I'm half in love with Nakagomi now too.

* kestrelsan posted some lovely Supernatural fic she wrote after we talked about how Sam would end up after the show was over: Down Like Water, gen, Sam and Dean in the aftermath. You should read it.

* My santa_smex story proceeds, but more slowly than I had anticipated. I will absolutely have it done by the deadline, but I may be flailing around on Thursday for a beta who is not off celebrating American Thanksgiving.

* I'm two weeks behind on BSG, Torchwood, and Heroes. How did that happen? I feel cut off!

* I have many tabs open with posts and fic and such. I think they will have to wait until the weekend, more's the pity.

* I love you all.
Tags: i like robots better than you, page is my boyfriend not yours
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