Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

You know you want to.

I want to know -- what do you think is the Slashiest Scene Ever in your fandom? Here are a few from me.

Season four premiere, Wesley -- grim, Lilah-fucking, Justine-enslaving Wesley -- hauls Angel, who tried to murder him, out of the ocean. And then he opens his arm to let Angel drink. Gah.

Babylon 5
In the S2 episode In the Shadow of Z'ha'dum, Mr Morden -- who I always called "the smiling man" -- and Vir Cotto run across each other in a bar. (I forget if Vir has come to get Morden for Londo.) Morden looks at Vir and sucks on his swizzle stick and says, in his smiling voice, "What do you want?" Vir looks flustered.

Starsky & Hutch
In the S1 episode A Coffin For Starsky, Starsky has 24 hours to find the antidote for the poison he's been injected with or he'll die. He and Hutch spend the time tracking down the man who tried to kill Starsky, Starsky growing steadily weaker.

In the afternoon, they go back to the police station to wait for some info there. They sit down at one of the desks in the middle of a large public room. And then they hold hands.

I think that's the Slashiest Scene Ever Out Of Any Fandom for me.

What are yours? It's a nice way to pass the weekend.

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