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You can call me Hal.

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Cheesecake cravings
Sometimes when I'm writing fic, I think, How the hell do I know what it feels like to be a 14-year-old boy?

And then I remember how I felt when I saw the Charlie's Angels movie for the first time. That's got to be close, at least.

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I won't say who I currently have to pretend to be like right now. :)) It's funny, but slightly 'what the hell?' inducing.

I know how that can be. :) 14-year old boys, 3000-year-old elves, cigar-smoking soldiers, three-fingered aliens, Tezuka...

Tezuka, see, is easy. We're both 40.

Dang, and I meant to use THIS icon.

Squirmy and so hard you're going to burst if the kid next to you digs any harder into the popcorn bin in your lap?

Pretty damn much. God. Drew and Lucy? I'm getting all squirmy now just remembering.

I remember walking out of that movie with sopping wet panties. I don't think I've ever wanted to suck on somebody's bottom lip quite as much as Drew's. Can't you just see Lucy being bossy with a leather whip?

Oh god. I'll be in my bunk.

And how will I get any writing done? (Come back Friday night, k?)

Bumbling, awkward, and completely susceptible to get hard just by standing up with a dash of "oh god, of all the days to rush out of Clearasil" on the side?

*run out of

I breathe, therefore I typo.

Oh yes. Though I never write as many inappropriate erections as would be, er, appropriate. Because that would just be too much trouble to deal with and I think the audience would get so tired of reading about them. I should do more acne, though.

Au contraire! There are not nearly enough inappropriate erections in fic, these days. ;)

I shall look upon that as a challenge! :D

(your icon kills me dead with its cuteness)

I have absolutely no objections to that! :D

(and yours kills me dead with... well, guh.)

Personally, I never get tired of reading about inappropriate erections. Momo is a walking inappropriate erection. He's gotta be hard most of the time -- why else would he specialize in something as energy-consuming as the dunk smash? Something's got to get rid of the ache. At least until he looks at Kaidoh again, and there goes a perfectly exhausting practice down the drain.

You are so very, very right. Oh, Momo! ♥

(Actually, I did write something very similar about him in one of my MK stories.)

You did. It was delicious. You were the one who wrote about him wearing two pair of underwear, right? To protect against the undesirable consequences of frottage? Or did I just imagine that...

He was indeed doubling up on gaunch. Mostly to help with security and leakage issues when in public. Based on info given to me by an actual guy. :)

To the story? Absence Makes the Heart (MomoKai) http://prillalar.livejournal.com/196296.html

It's one of my favourites. ♥

Ooh. Gotta love those actual guys who're willing to share. I had a resource, once, who I felt as though I could ask anything of, but very sadly, he died. I'm thrown upon the rest of my flist, these days, but fortunately, I can usually get some decent answers.

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