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You can call me Hal.

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People are nice.
We had a big snowfall over the weekend and early Monday morning I walked to the mall to get some coffee and some groceries. While getting the coffee, I suddenly felt very sick (I'm fine now -- no worries), one of those "Am I going to be able to even walk home?" moments. So I got out to the parking lot and tried to figure out the best way to get through the foot of snow and slush while funny in the head and nearly doubled over.

The guy who was ploughing the snow saw me picking my way through and made me a special trail right across the parking lot! ♥ It made me very happy.

And on Sunday, which I realise is chronologically earlier and so should probably have been first, but just go with it, events got cancelled due to the snowfall and my partner and I spent the afternoon sitting on the couch eating popcorn and watching Corner Gas. It was the most restful, perfect time.

In the evening, I wanted to write some sort of InuKai snippet and so I put on some music and got out my laptop and tried to think of something. I just kept staring at the picture of them on my desktop and realised that what I really wanted for them was an afternoon like we'd just had: restful, fun, together. And there's no story in that. But it was nice to think about.

Right now, it feels like half my friends list is filled with rage over one thing or another and I wish I could do something to defuse that for you. But me, I'm mellow. Because people are nice.

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A friend wants to see the Mulder/Scully episode where they do nothing but shop in the grocery store and talk. I think it would be fun, too. So hey, there's a market out there for restful fun togetherness.

I'm glad you're mellow; it's under-rated.

There will always be room in fandom for curtain shopping. :)

I'm glad you are ok now! And thank you for the reminder that people are nice; I hadn't been feeling very nice today. :)

This is really stressful time of year for most people; the niceness really stands out to me. :)

I'd read restful InuKai togetherness. Though I can imagine it perfectly well, too.

I always love the tags you put on entries. They're very amusing.

Next time I'll write it anyway and just call it a word picture. Just the idea of Kaidoh being that relaxed with Inui makes me smile and smile. ♥

That is one really sweet fic you didn't write there. ^_^

I love you too, sweetie. :)

You OK now, right ?

I am, yes. :) Thanks for asking!

I'm only mad because I didn't buy those shoes this morning.

♥ Glad you're feeling so chill and happy - it's because you finished important things *nods*

I'm sure that's part of it. :)

*huggles & loves~* You provide the PoT episode summaries. I'd say that does plenty. ♥ (And glad you're feeling better today.)

If those help to cheer you up, then yay! *snugs you*

Aw! I beam at your mellowness. :)

Of course the stupid snow hasn't gone away yet. But I'm still farily mellow. I'm all psyched that we're not doing yuletide, as well. We'll both be mellow til the new year. :)

(Deleted comment)

And YOU are nicest of all.

I am doing much better, thank you, flower. :) It was a pretty much a one-day affair.

wow. :D :D How quickly the body forgets--this'll be the first year in 8 that I'm missing the heavy snow and long winter, and already I'm going, "wow, snow, what's that?"
it was around 12C and sunny yesterday. looks like that today too. :D

(nope, there was no point to this comment. just, hehe, weather, and hehe, mellow is good)


It doesn't usually snow here and when it does, it's usually not this much or for this long. Nobody has any idea of how to cope! It's -3C right now and I'm huddling inside with a blanket.

However, this too shall pass and I won't even curse you for your sun and warmth. Because that's the sort of thing that would come back to haunt me. *g*

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