Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

I am a media fan.

I was doing a last-day-of-June referer logs check on my fic site and I found that I had a significant number of hits from an old LJ entry of mine, with LEGO photographs. It must be linked to from somewhere, because it was back in April. But since there are no logs for LJ, I must endure the mystery.

Saw Charlie's Angels. Less plot, more costumes than the last one. I'll be going back. (I've got it so bad for Drew Barrymore. SO bad.)

And Stargate SG-1! I'm now about 12 eps into S1 and I'm enjoying it a lot. It hits just the right note for me -- I can MiST it while still being moved by it. It's like Star Trek but without the ship.

I like all the main characters, which surprised me. Often I like a show in spite of the lead character, but Jack totally avoids any Square-Jawed-Kevin-Sorbo-Will-Save-Us-All action. He's snarky, so he's OK by me.

I was trying to work out why Amanda Tapping seemed so familiar to me, and then I figured it out: she played the lucky tart in Avatar who got to make it with Skinner. Of course, she died, but I'm sure that banging Skinner would cause any one of us to expire joyfully.

So far my fave ep has been The Torment of Tantalus, where they find Catherine Langford's fiance, who went through the Stargate 50 years earlier. It was so poignant to see their reunion and to see Daniel's fascination with the alien meeting device. Plus we giggled a lot. "Where will we get the 1.21 gigawatts of power needed to operate the Stargate?"

There's one thing that irks me and I hope I can get over it. Everybody but the Earthers pronounces "Goa'uld" correctly. The Earthers just say "Gould". Though sometimes Sam says it correctly, sometimes not. But Daniel, Mr Linguist, also says "Gould" and that bugs the hell out of me! Of all people, he should be pronouncing it correctly. What would Professor Tolkien say?

Also, they are all clearly in love with each other, all of them, in all possible combinations. (Well, excepting General Hammond.)

And finally: saw Band Candy tonight. Mmmmmmmmmm.

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