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PoT Fic: Time Management Theory (InuKai)

Time Management Theory by Halrloprillalar / prillalar
Prince of Tennis, InuKai, R, 1600 words.
Preparing for Nationals takes time. And that time's got to come from somewhere.

"We should have sex less often," Inui says, though not while Kaidoh is crouched on the floor beside the bed, hands on Inui's thighs, mouth sliding over Inui's dick. And not while Inui gets his hand down Kaidoh's pants and around his cock, hardly needing to do more than rub his thumb along the underside before it's leaping in his hand.

Not while they're catching their breath, Kaidoh's head pressed against Inui's knee as Inui strokes his hair, the only time Inui quite dares to touch Kaidoh softly. But after that, while they're not really looking at each other, tucking in shirts and putting on glasses and disposing of tissues, and Inui has a revelation about how to reduce the whole team's unforced error frequency by at least 5% and leans over to the wall to scrawl it down.

"Senpai?" Kaidoh says. He's tying his bandana and he stops, elbows bowing up behind his head.

"I'm concerned that it's taking up time that we need to train and plan for Nationals." Kaidoh's face is a little pale and Inui makes a note to see if he is getting enough iron in his diet. Anaemia would seriously compromise Kaidoh's stamina.

Kaidoh doesn't say anything more, just picks up his bag and leaves, forgetting to take the sports bottle Inui set out for him. Inui drinks it himself as he starts on his plan, filling his desk with scratch paper, his body with electrolytes.

While he's writing out instructions for Oishi, he realises that he should have mentioned to Kaidoh that they will of course resume their usual levels of sexual activity after Nationals. He texts Kaidoh with the information and gets back to work.


"Inui-senpai." Kaidoh's voice is loud in Inui's ear and he's breathing hard.

Inui listens, trying to tell just from the sound what Kaidoh is doing right now. Standing after a run, most likely, towel around his shoulders, maybe wiping his forehead with one end. The panting is even and light, not like the way Kaidoh's breath stops and starts when they're together, the way he holds the air tight inside himself and lets it all out in one hot blow, the way his fingers touch the skin on Inui's belly.

"Senpai? You asked me to call."

"Your training data." Because he's not there to take it himself. Inui fishes under the Saint Icarus dossier for his Kaidoh notebook. He writes down the numbers: pulse counts, distances, reps. "Your weight?"

"Just a minute." Inui can hear Kaidoh moving around. At home then, travelling from his room to the bathroom, where the scale is. "55.23 kilograms," Kaidoh says and Inui thinks he should have reminded Kaidoh to put the phone down first. But he can estimate how much it weighs.

He remembers the bathroom there, they've bathed together often, but there was that one time that Kaidoh's family was out for the day and Inui pulled Kaidoh back against him and jacked him, soap and water sliding between their naked bodies, Kaidoh's fingernails digging into Inui's arm. When they got into the bath afterwards, Kaidoh fell asleep and Inui watched to make sure he didn't slide under the water.

They've come together and been naked together, but that was the only time they did both at once. Just thinking about it pulls all the blood in Inui's body to his dick, so suddenly and thoroughly, Inui can feel the bang. He switches the phone to his other ear, fumbles his belt one-handed, gets his zipper open, spreads his thighs to make more room for his hand.

"Senpai?" Kaidoh says and Inui closes his eyes. He's got to keep Kaidoh on the phone, keep him breathing into Inui's ear.

"So, Kaidoh," he says, and his voice wavers like it hasn't done in more than a year, "what are you doing now?" He's got the rhythm going, fast fast up down with his hand.

"I'm going to take a bath."

Kaidoh stripping off his clothes, standing under the shower-head, one hand braced against the tile, the other on his dick, like Inui is now, fingers curled, rubbing, rubbing, until--

Inui spasms, hitting his knee on the underside of the desk, biting his tongue, wetting his belly and fingers and clothes.

"Senpai?" Kaidoh says and Inui wonders if he made a noise. He coughs to cover.

"Work hard," he says, and rings off. He gets out the handkerchief he forgot before and wonders if phone sex counts as sex. He wonders if it counts as phone sex if Kaidoh doesn't know they're having it. He records the numbers in his spreadsheet. He beats off again. The dossier isn't finished by the time he goes out for his run.


"You said you'd have the new training menu done yesterday," Oishi says and Inui looks over his shoulder to where Kaidoh is taking off his shirt. Kaidoh folds it before he puts on his practice shirt and Inui thinks about licking Kaidoh's bare spine, coccyx up to cervical vertebrae, and then back down again.

"I'll have it ready for afternoon practice," Inui says and manoeuvres his notebook in front of him while Kaidoh finishes changing. He looks tired and Inui hopes he isn't overdoing it.

Inui works on the menu at lunch, in the library, and he can't seem to think how it should be, what would work the best, what his plan had been. Kaidoh's name on the page catches his eye again and again. Inui's whole skin is so alive it almost hurts and he rubs his fingers on the inside of his own wrist, staring at the page, trying to give the characters meaning.

He leaves everything on the table and almost runs to the toilets. He locks himself in a stall and gets it out, right there in school, but he has no choice but to stand there, masturbating, again, again, just to be able to function at a basic level. Just to be normal.

He apologizes to Oishi at practice and sits on the bench taking notes because he's hard again already. Kaidoh is late getting on the court and when he does arrive, he doesn't look at Inui, even to say hello. Inui can't take his eyes off Kaidoh and he wonders why this is so difficult for him and so easy for Kaidoh.


Inui pauses the video. He's meant to be making notes on Kaidoh's form. Well, really, he's meant to be making notes on Kawamura's form, but Kaidoh's tapes are the ones that always find their way into the VCR. And it's not Kaidoh's tennis that Inui is looking at. He sighs and reaches for the hand cream, because there's been some chafing lately, and he's taken to wearing sweat pants when he's in his room, just to make things easier.

There's a knock on the door. Inui upsets the hand cream onto the floor. His heart slams against his ribs. "Just a minute," he calls, and picks up something, anything, a pillow, to hold in front of him. He flips the lock and slides open the door.

It's Kaidoh. In his work-out clothes, sweat gleaming on his face, chest heaving, holding his bag in both hands. He's been running, Inui can tell, running harder and further than Inui would ever have advised. Inui steps back to let him in.

"Kaidoh," Inui says, clutching his pillow tighter. Kaidoh just stares at him, a fierce look on his face Inui has only ever seen before on the court. It's a bit scary. "Are you okay?"

Kaidoh closes the door. He swipes his arm across his forehead. He drops his bag onto the floor. And he slams Inui onto the bed.

He's holding Inui down and he's heavy, heavier than 55.23 kilograms, sucking at Inui's throat, grinding into Inui's crotch, and Inui arches up and grinds right back. Kaidoh's just as hard as Inui is, he's got Inui's wrists in his hands, heavy hands, pinning him, and Inui struggles a little, just to feel Kaidoh hold him there.

Inui opens up his mouth and they kiss, messy and inaccurate, Kaidoh's spit running down Inui's throat and making him cough. And the door isn't locked, it isn't locked, and they rock into each other, still dressed. Kaidoh comes first, face twisting like he's in pain, then Inui follows him, Kaidoh's hand over his mouth because he can't keep quiet, he can't stop his muscles jerking, he's drowning in the heat, he's more than empty.

Then they fall off the bed. Inui laughs. "I'm sorry," Kaidoh says.

Inui can't stop laughing. He hugs Kaidoh tight, squeezes him like a puppy, then crawls over to the door because his legs are too shaky to stand. "Is everything all right?" his mother calls.

"Yes," he yells, and flips the latch, sitting back against the door, laughing and laughing while Kaidoh stares at him. Then he sees. "You've still got your weights on," he says and laughs some more.

Kaidoh peels them off, ankles and wrists, and sets them on the floor. He gets up and stands beside his own image flickering on the TV screen. "I'm sorry," he says again, looking down. "You said we shouldn't--"

And Inui gets an idea, the best idea, for the Golden Pair's new formation, and he lunges for the desk to write it down. He looks at the notes on the page, at the hand cream in globs all over the floor, at Kaidoh.

"We should have sex more often," Inui says.

"Okay," says Kaidoh. And then they do.


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