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You can call me Hal.

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Nine for the nine dark riders.
1. The VIZ translation of the Ouran manga uses the word twincest. Discuss.

2. Words written on yuletide fic: 0! Because I'm not doing Yuletide this year! It feels so good not to be stressing out and I still get read all the stories.

3. Prince of Tennis: #1 Crush by pixxers, Inui has a crush ~ does he ever consider anything that does not coincide with his own plans? Inui/unrequited + side GP. I just loved Pix's Inui so much.

4. Prince of Tennis: Our Mistake by alice_and_lain, Inui and Yanagi meet to play at tennis courts close to St. Rudolph. Mizuki happens. Dryly funny, great character voices, and Mizuki sparkles like a rhinestone bracelet.

5. Kamen Rider Kabuto: Careless Touch by mousapelli, Yaguruma/Kageyama. Hopper smexing! They are so ridiculously hot.

6. Aim for the Sky!: The Thought That Counts by mousapelli. Glee, so much glee! Follow crosse_purposes because you don't want to miss any of Mousapelli's Advent Lacrosse Cheer, where, hopefully, Cheer == Boy Sexing.

7. mousapelli, I owe you so much porn fic. What do you want first? Kabuto? AftS? What pairings?

8. Did you ever go back through your stories of yesteryear and find something you'd almost forgotten, then re-read it and love it so much you wanted to rec it, but felt that it was inappropriate to rec your own fic? Well, fuck that. This was my Yuletide fic from 2003. Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy: In Case of Emergency, Ford/Zaphod. Ford needs money and he's desperate enough to try to get some from Zaphod.

9. Happy weekend, flist! ♥

ETA: In case it's ever an issue, I do exist and can produce witnesses to that effect. If you want to know the truth, ask laurashapiro because kestrelsan will probably lie to cover her own ass.

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Nine for the mortal men doomed to die.

Thanks for all the recs!

I always thought Witch-king of Angmar was the coolest title ever. Maybe that's what I'll call myself when I'm ruler of the world.

1. HEEE. This is the level of my discussion capabilities. Also? HEEEEEE.

That was pretty much my reaction. Also: BUH? :)

The VIZ translation of the Ouran manga uses the word twincest. Discuss.

They did with the whatwhere? How did I miss this :OOOOO (maybe because despite having 1-6 I still haven't read them yet, sigh...)

It was just once, in Vol 6. But still! You should read -- the manga is great. (Unless you've read scanlations, in which case you already know.)

I dunno if witnesses help anything really. Mousapelli has met me on three or four separate occasions and I think she's still halfway convinced I'm in high school and/or a boy.

And, you know, I've read volume 6 and that went right by me. Fandom has obviously desensitized me to such a point that even I'm not aware of the extent.

I've known some of my fandom friends for eight or nine years so even if I am scamming them, I've had a good long time to build up my cover. Though it's too bad this whole fandom identity kerfuffle popped up just before I was going to launch my big Dollars for Hal scam. I'll have to wait another six months for things to cool down.

I wonder what the Japanese there really was.

hmmm.... I didn't know I was dealing with a reality suspect individual here. Maybe we SHOULD all meet up.

I'm a natural blonde! Really!

People are saying you don't exist or you're a sockpuppet?

Also, I'm sitting here shocked and slightly horrified that you recced my story. ;lkjl;akjsdf good character voices my rear end, Mizuki was pretty much fanon!Mizuki all the way. And Yuuta was horrendous, although I'm not convinced he has a particular voice outside of being grumpy.

I mean that you are a sockpuppet. Obviously if you didn't exist, you couldn't post. Duh, where are my brains?

HA, I would so totally do that. Particularly if you tried to bring up chat transcripts, which are, of course, entirely fictitious.

Speaking of fictious chat transcripts, I'm online if you want to chat a bit. We can get our stories straight just in case.

three bullet points all to myself! *HOARDS* thanks for the rec!

Oh man, you with the impossible choices. I think I want the AftS! first? because i want some shameless fandom promotion to get people reading the advent thing, and also because i really really want to see some Hal Asakawa. You know i'm always down for the Sato/Asakawa OTP!, but any pairing you are itching to do is a-okay by me.

but at some point, yesssss, i would kill for you to write some Kagami/Tendou, because i have full faith that you will do the best and dorkiest Kagami ever.

*sprinkles you with bullet points* I will begin the AftS once I've got my current WIP under control. :)

Was it ep 36 or 37 where Tendou and Kagami were clutching at each other? I kept thinking, "I wish I were watching this raw and could just make up the dialogue." ♥ But no Zector porn!

1. Wait, when? *so horribly out of the loop and with vol. 1-6 on my bookshelf to the boot*

Oooh, and thanks for the recs! :D

It was in vol 6, in the narration. I had to blink and look again to make sure.


Hmm... what if they are sockpuppets as well? XD the drama will never end.

Was there ever any doubt? :p

Maybe we're all just brains in jars anyhow. :)

Oh, god, you will ever be Mouth of Sauron to me now. It just works so well.

Aww, you loved my Inui! ♥

I'm in love with Lainy's Mizuki - soso much. And she's so modest and cute.

Oh, god, you will ever be Mouth of Sauron to me now.

No good can come of this, I'm sure.

1. -- This means that Twincest is real. HIDE THE CHILDREN! Unless they are twins, in which case, install a video camera in their bedrooms 8D

1. I can't believe that went over my head. Do you think it's in the OED then? :p

Now I'm wondering what the Australian editions of the Manga say. We're only up to Volume 2, whereas I've been collecting the VIZ.

It was only used once, in Vol 6. But the fact that it was used at all was pretty weird.

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