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You can call me Hal.

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Have you seen this boy?

I feel like I should know this actor, but I can't place him. He was in a couple of episodes of Kamen Rider 555 as Kaidoh's cute little guitar kohai and Google is not helping me. He has the sweetest tiny little voice too. Anyone recognize him?

Here he is again, looking up at Kaidoh-senpai with Eyes of Love.

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I have no idea who he is either (especially as I don't watch the show :P), but the wiki entry may give you some clues. Here. Maybe IMDB?

I've searched through wikipedia and animeinfo and TV-Nihon's forums and everywhere else I could think of. He's not an important enough character to be listed anywhere; he's just there for two eps. And I think his character name (mentioned only once) was mis-subbed, as well.

He just looks SO familiar, it's been driving me crazy since the first time I watched the show and so this time through I thought I'd give the LJ hivemind a try. :)

Sorry I couldn't help :(

Do the ending credits list him? In Japanese of course, but. Hmm...

It may come to putting his face on a milk carton. XD

I appreciate your suggestions, though. Thanks!

The credits are all in kanji, so I can't pick anything out. I may be doomed to never know!

Is there a comm for the show? Maybe someone there would know, or could read the kanji.

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