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You can call me Hal.

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Pairs with
I got up for some cheese and came back with a glass of single malt and now I don't know how I can keep on working on fic about sports-playing teenage boys while I'm drinking it. They are just too young.

What fandom and pairing goes with 16 year old Lagavulin? Bonus points if it goes with Johnny Cash as well.

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(never give up. never surrender)

I could stretch a point for Atobe with the scotch, but not with Johnny Cash. :)

...Trigun, Vash/Wolfwood? (Not Bash, fingers, Basch the Stampede jokes notwithstanding.)

Sadly, I'm unfamiliar with Trigun.

Oooh, not familiar enough with either canon to give it a try. I'm thinking alot about Saul Tigh, though.

Hm. Wel my first thought was Remus/Sirius. for the Cash. And the Scotch.

Ooh, haven't thought about them in a long while. And Personal Jesus just came on.




The Treize/Zechs scenarios in my mind are far too dirty for Lagavulin and Johnny Cash! Maybe red wine and Carmina Burana.

Remus/Sirius. Danny/Rusty. Roslin/Adama.

Oh, Roslin/Adama! You know, I don't think I could do Remus/Sirius justice anymore. I feel kind of sad about that.

Due to a poster on John's wall, Johnny Cash now means SGA. (John/Rodney of course.) I'm sure you can work the drinking in there somewhere with all the fighting of space vampires and leave back on earth.

I'm not a big John fan, but that poster made a world of difference to me.

Page and Box expanding their horizons due to some cool-looking foreign thing they saw online. *nods*

They are still too young, poor things. I'd say they go with boilermakers and Orange Range.

M/Sk of course. The scotch is a Skinner no brainer, and then you've got someone staying the course to change the world (Man In Black) along with the conspiracy thing--men in black, right? Walk The Line works well for M too. (My personal favorite JC songs are Delia and When The Man Comes Around)

Good luck with the writing!

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