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You can call me Hal.

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(no subject)
minitrog has passed away. I didn't know Trog very well, but I always loved to see her posts on my friends list. She had such a way about her -- so much verve. She was one of the first people I met on LJ, in early 2003, and she was so cool and friendly and fun.

She'd been away for a while, dealing with her illness, and she'd just started to post again last month. It was so good to read her words and see her enthusiasm about her new mobility scooter and I told her she should get blades on the wheels and use a whip, like in Ben Hur.

And now she's gone and I'm sad.

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:( That's terrible, poor thing.


I'm sorry you lost your friend.

damn. damn damn damn. thanks for letting us know tho.

(Deleted comment)
it's a sober sort of day, yes.


That's awful, I'm so sorry.

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