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You can call me Hal.

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Would you, could you, in the dark?
We're deep within the belly of the year, here in the northern hemisphere, and while I don't exactly get depressed, I do get very sleepy and draggy and unfocused during this season. It's a bit better this year, probably because I'm doing light therapy and omega 3s and working from home. But I still feel like I'm not keeping up with fandom like I should be: reading, writing, commenting on discussion and life posts. Sorry about that. :(

Around this time of year, I start drawing little suns on everything and sometimes adding sol invictus because I have this underlying worry that the solstice will come and the sun won't rise and I'll be in the dark forever.

Is there anything you do, to ensure the sun will return?

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I find that indulging in my need for the pointless and ridiculous helps me through it all.

Most of the time.

I was thinking more along the lines of human sacrifice, but your way is probably less effort.

I usually stir up some internets drama; possibly get a good wank going. Failing that, though, I go read or drink coffee or nap. If there's no sun, there's no need to be awake.

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine...</strike>

And pretend that I can tag properly.

Clearly the caffeine is not working. (I need a n00b icon.)

Mmmm, basking in your icon.

If you send me your monkeys for a week to clean my house, I'll make sure the sun returns.

Sure thing! Though I usually send them to *trash* people's houses, so you may need to coax them a bit.

hehe, not as interesting as your other flist peops. I just light a lot of candles (and over-buy in crapass candy colors) and stock up on liqeurs.

ps. I like your sunny Hal icon. :D :D

Hmm, any chants or charms to go with the candles?

I keep staring at the icon too. I think it's cheering me up. :)

(Deleted comment)
The omega3s have a mood-altering effect. Not that I was cranky, but I think they're helping me not be blue.

I like the idea of brightly coloured food! I'll give that one a try.

(Deleted comment)
I might have bought some back when I was in junior high. Now my hair is more frost- than sun-kissed. :)

Come to Australia. You will never fear that the sun won't rise, especially up north around the sunshine coast etc.

I find that bright clothing in winter helps pick my mood up, eating fruit helps too though I know it can be expensive that time of the year. Banana flavoured milk?

Sacrificing chocolate, and finding things to beat up...?

I wonder how one would sacrifice chocolate. It might not burn too well. I suppose I could eat it. :D

But doesn't it get dark in the winter? Actually, here the main problem is not so much the short days but that it's overcast all the time right now. When I lived on the prairies, I was further north, but the sun came out and reflected off the snow in the winter. Here is just grey most of the time.

If it makes you feel better we've just started summer here and it's so dry that bushfires are "threatening to merge into a 600 hectare 'super-fire'" and consume half of rural Victoria.

Part of me almost misses winter.

That doesn't make me feel better, but it does remind me of when I used to live on the prairies. Droughts and fires, fun times.

That is definitely worth considering. :)

I used to make little 'spells' to fairies and all types of deities (from Buddha to Jesus) so the bus would come in the morning. It is later, that I think I should have remembered the words.

Well, it's summer where I am, so I'll send you some sunny vibes *smiles*

I like your little spells! That's the sort of thing I'm trying to work up. Maybe I should write a Prayer to the Sun and repeat it at intervals.

It's the cold weather, not the darkness, that drives me crazy, and the solstice isn't anywhere near the end of that, so I don't do so much leadup. I do celebrate the solstice, though, and I usually make a solar-themed cake -- orange and/or lemon flavoring in the cake and/or frosting, and I'll get some yellow gel icing from the baking aisle and draw a big sun on the top of the cake. (Plain frosting + orange zest = awesome, btw.) I'm also very fond of Night of Silence, a song that's meant to be sung over Silent Night.

It doesn't get that cold here, so that's one thing at least. I love your cake idea! I weren't no-sugar/low-carb I'd definitely make one. Maybe I'll just eat a lot of sunny-side-up eggs!

I'm also very fond of Night of Silence, a song that's meant to be sung over Silent Night.

Like counterpoint?

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