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You can call me Hal.

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The REAL personality indicator
Hal takes an online personality test.

Question 5
Are rules made to be:
A. followed
B. broken

Hal clicks "followed". And says out loud: Except for me!

I think that says it all, really. And now, I must make another choice:

A. Walk to the coffee house and draft an essay about Sam and Dean.
B. Bus downtown to the pub and read Ayn Rand.

I suppose there could be C. Keep working, but I really don't want to.

Happy weekend all! ♥

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I say B, only I would change the book to something more trashy and lighthearted. But that's me. And I hate serious thoughts.

I've got to get through the Rand one of these days. But maybe I'll take a mystery instead. :)

I support reading old 70's cover editions of Agatha.

1. So what crappy personality did you turn out to be?

2. Who are Sam and Dean? *ashamed*

1. ISTJ aka "Borefest". Usually I'm INTJ, though.

2. Supernatural. Last night's ep has me in a lather of meta.

1. me too- the latter, I mean.
2. hmmm. I get no tv except the DL'd kind. *ignorant*

I was INTJ (which I also usually am). It says everyone hates me and I was okay with that. Plus, bonus mad scientist clipart.

I only wish everyone hated me. Instead, they're just bored with me. *hates you*

Don't hate me because my brains are beautiful. And spicy.

I don't want to take my laptop to the pub.

Good point. I forgot about the difficulties of drafting technologically. As well as the possibility of beer in keyboards.

(Deleted comment)
Pub it is! Or was, really. :)

I want the Sam and Dean meta! Wah!!

I took that personality test, too, and it had the audacity to call me a Loser, which maybe is just secret code for World Dominator.

If I get a draft of the meta done today, I'll put it up for you and you can tell me if I'm out to lunch. :) Possibly, I should get at least one SPN icon as well, so I look sort of marginally in the fandom.

I think Boring is better than Loser, personally. If I learn more facts about things, I'll be less boring right away!

Cool! I look forward to it.

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