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You can call me Hal.

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I may be going to the special hell, but I'm not going there alone.
For anyone out there who is a sick, sick fuck like me intrigued by the idea of Nanjiroh making Momoshiro his spiky-haired uke, hie thee hence to pot_doujinshi for some Ryoma x Momo, Nanjiroh x Momo hot hot action. I have no idea what the hell is going on in this dj, except that there was sex and duct tape. Also, the cutest drawing of Karupin I've ever seen. (Karupin doesn't get any action, though.)

Two for the price of one, guys, and you know Momo was born to be done.

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I read that and thought it worked in a strange strange way too.

Nanjiroh is clearly all, "HEY, if you uke to my son, you'd better do it right."

Sex and tennis -- Nanjiroh is still the best.

oh, i saw this, yes! Nanjiroh/Momo is a guilty pleasure of mine.

also, killed by your icon.

I'm feeling less guilty about this pleasure all the time.

(Karupin doesn't get any action, though.)

Damn. I was really hoping for some hot pussy action. Oh well ...

hahahahahaha sorry I love lame puns.

and Kaji. I love Kaji a lot.

Someone needs to write a fic where Nanjiroh teaches Momo about hetsex because his son is a complete loss.

The Nanjiroh/Momo is a bit scary, even for me :\

Male bonding could be fun! but I like this better

I clicked because of the cute Karupin pic. Does this make me a failure of a yaoi pervert? :|

I don't know. Are you writing Karupin x Momo?

Thank you SO MUCH for the heads-up!

Oh, so much my pleasure.

I wish this damn thing would hurry up and download.

I'm dying to see Momo ass. Caring is sharing, fer sure. You care, even when you're getting hammered.


Especially when I'm getting hammered.

If it won't d/l let me know and I'll up it.

I have that opened in a tab and have been vascillating on dl'ing it. *pulls hair* I WANT TO. I am so intrigued!!!! At least I'll know I'm not the only one....


I thought it was worth it. :) And, no, you're so not the only one. :D :D :D

You're just trying to kill me, aren't you.

*loves Nanjiroh*

You said you were going to write Nanjiroh/Momo, but where is it? (I'll write my horribly sick wrong I'll-be-shunned-by-fandom cross-gen story if you write yours.)

Momo/Nanjiroh... maybe... but Nanjiroh/Momo? But then, Horio fic was the last grand grand thing I read so... But then, haven't seen a good Horio/Ryuzaki sensei yet, so...

You're actually making my timid Osamu/Kura ship sail with all this pan-generational ficcageness.

(So it's sick and wrong, but still OK? pls say yes. *fidgety*)

I have Secret Desires for Sakaki/Atobe as well. We will be sick and wrong together.

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