Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

But never a name to go down to fame compared with that of Toad!

Why would anybody want a toad? I know Neville loves Trevor, but what's the point of a toad in the first place? Owls are, as Hagrid said, dead useful. Cats are somewhat useful and are cuddly. Trevor just seems to be desperately trying to get away all the time.

OK, in D&D, a toad familiar gives you +2 CON, which is useful. So maybe in the HP-verse, they have some amazing powers too. Maybe Trevor is actually Neville's guardian, like R2 and the Skywalker clan. Maybe toads can help you with your homework. Or maybe you can lick them and see the pretty pictures.

Now Toad, on the other hand, can lick me...

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