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You can call me Hal.

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More to read.
kaidoh yagyuu
Today's santa_smex: Widdershins, Yanagi/Yagyuu, 3700 words, R.

Oh my. Read this story. The pairing might give you pause, but read it anyhow. This is one of those stories that is so beautifully written, so well-crafted, so real that it makes me go quieter and quieter until all I can do is sit completely still in my chair, my chest aching.

Go, read, comment, love.

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It really was amazing.

I love my talented friends.

For serious. It takes my words away.

it was grand grand grand, even though the perpetrator is denying everything.
oh, btw, Jackie came up with pan-gen Kantoku/Atobe links:


even though the perpetrator is denying everything

I did notice that. :) I love all the caginess over smex, with no-one really fooling anyone.

Thank you for the link to the links! I shall follow up and read with pleasure.

Who's denying wot?

I need wee renji fic.

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