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You can call me Hal.

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ES21 and the question everyone asks
I'm (finally!) getting caught up on the Eyeshield 21 manga. And, of course, I'm nearly at The Gap between 133 and 152. I don't want to look around on the comms too much because I don't want to end up spoiled, so I'm being one of those annoying people who beg for info that's probably easily available by searching. Guess I'm burning karma. :)

I have the raws for 134-151. In order of preference, I'm looking for:

* scanlations/translations in English
* scanlations/translations in French
* summaries in English
* summaries in French

If not, I'll just go through the raws, no big. But I thought I'd check.

Also: Shin is still my boyfriend, Hiruma/Mamori is still the best het ship ever, and Musashi is still the only character in existence who just might rival Racer X for coolness.

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I'm going to be even *more* annoying and just ask you for links to all the ES21 manga you already have :D

I almost bought volumes at the store yesterday.

I've been downloading from StopTazmo.com but there are links in the comments to other places that have scanlations. LMK if you have trouble getting hold of them.

This manga is so good. I think it's #3 on my shounen sports list. (PoT isn't even on the list -- it is SO not a real sports series.)

I don't know why I didn't think of StopTazmo. *facepalms* *wins for most redundant Q ever*

What's #2 on your sports list, assuming that Slam Dunk is #1? I have dreams in which they'd redo the entire Slam Dunk anime with prettier more modern animation. Dreams.

#2 is Hajime no Ippo, a boxing series. I've only seen the anime; the manga started in 1989 and there's a LOT of it, so I'm not sure if I'll try to catch up with it.

There are French scanlations to download or to read online. It looks like they have all of the chapters you're missing :)

Also, there appear to be Enlgish scanlations of 134 - 142 here? At least, I think they are scanlated. If not, that site also has a "manga guide" section that might have summaries, so it could be helpful.

Ooh, thanks muchly for the links! Are you actually reading ES21? Or just au fait with where to find manga?

Neither; I just really like looking things up. :)


Hiruma/Mamori is still the best het ship ever

OH GOD YES! been saying it forever. best het ship ever.

It's so perfect I don't think I ever want to read or write it, just think quietly about them and sigh.

oh but there´s such wonderful fic of them out there. but i understand the feeling.

Do you ever wonder if Willie Nelson is a slasher?

Cause I do.

I think I use that part of my day to think about William Shatner.

Fair enough, fair enough. *nods*

Scanlations in french

Volume 16 DC-T : Tome 16 Scan 134 à 142
Volume 17 DC-T : Tome 17 Scan 143 à 151

Whoops should of read through the comments first. Linked the same site and all.


I've found this page helpful in finding stuff in French before, if you want to find new scanlation groups relatively quickly.

Thanks for the links! That's awesome. :)

Your welcome, it wasn't a problem always happy to help! =D

The eyeshield site is affiliated with one of the French Bleach boards that I used to go to and it in turn is affiliated with that bigger site.

Shiiiiiiiiiin! And agreed on Hiruma/Mamori. Yay for snark!

I have all the chapters in english, if you'd like me to upload the ones you're missing for you. I know you got a lot of links, but it seems to mostly be for French scanlations.

Anyway, let me know. ^_^

Thanks, I really appreciate that! I'll check the links I got first and see if I can get English scans there, but if I can't find them, I'll definitely come begging. :)

Hurry and catch up ! (has nothing to say as everyone had already pimped the links...)

I'm working on it! I've got all the issues organized now and I'm on 134th Down, so I should be able to get through this week.

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