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You can call me Hal.

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Right now, I feel like I will never be able to read all the fic that's being posted, never catch up with all the episodes I have to watch, never get all the ideas in my head written down, never make enough comments on people's entries, never log onto chat enough to get to know more than one or two people. How the hell does anyone do all this and stay sane current?

But I am caught up with Eyeshield 21 and it was so worth burning my eyes out in front of the computer all day. ♥

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With current anime, I don't think there is one that I am totally caught up on. And then I want to watch anime that I have missed. And manga. And of course, I can't forget that dratted thing called life XD

I'm afraid I can't offer advice. Good advice anyway.

It was enough for me to vent, I think. :) And now I know I'm not the only kid in class who can't keep up.

Those people are fandomonogamous.

They have to be.

Or unemployed with servants.

Or don't require sleep.

Or don't exist. Take your pick :)

I'm pretty much fandomonogamous when it comes to producing fanworks. But there are SO many things I want to read/watch. I think I'm about 6 eps behind on Heroes right now.

But to stay current? You'd pretty much have to be into only McDonagall/Hagrid and in a fandom like HP where the canon comes out every few years.

It's just not possible. I, however, am now current on the PoT manga! I just haven't seen OVA 7,8,9. I am doing ok in PoT :)

You have til Jan 22 to catch up on Heroes. Are you following the fandom though?

I'm not even current on PoT manga scanlations, though I've been reading all the raws as they drop, so I know what's going on. But I'm good with the OVAs.

I'm not following Heroes fandom, no. It's not a fannish thing for me, just a show I really like. I'm sort of half following fandom on a few shows: BSG, Torchwood (and Doctor Who when it's airing), SPN. But not in a fanfic way, mostly reading a bit of meta and ep review.

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So we're all stressed and frantic all the time? That explains a lot about fandom, actually. *g*

It sounds like everyone is in the same boat.

to make it even better, i had about four windows open, with 8-15 tabs each ...and my computer decided to restart without saving them. i don't think i'm going back to hunt for those. D: D: D:

i'm behind in everything, everywhere.

but mostly i just wanted to use this icon.

I'd say you were the luckiest person in the world this Christmas, but I got to read that fic too :)

I don't know how I do it, really. I guess I'm just great.


It's hard to keep up with so many things. I guess because I don't watch much anime and I pretty much stick with one fandom - but I also have no social life. I can't have it cutting into my writing/eljaying.

Man, I should have left that eljay thing out. >.>

*shines on you*

You are just great, it's true. ♥

For someone as introverted as I am, I have a pretty busy social life. Though it actually slows down at this time of year since people cancel their regular committments to go to holiday things, which I usually manage to avoid. Also, between work and holiday music related things, my partner is so busy I hardly see him at all in December.

Hmm, maybe *that's* why I'm cranky.

Jump fandoms, ignore the fic, eat raisins.

there, I just made the last bit up, and seems good.


I can't hear the word "raisins" without flashing on Better Off Dead. It has raisins in it. You like raisins.

When I first got into PoT, I was so relieved at the relative smallness and slowness of the fandom. I'm not sure if it's got busier lastely or if I've just got older and slower since.

Hahaha to staying current! Pipe dreams keep us all going. :D

You're just saying that. I know you are perfectly organized with index cards for everything.

For me, I sacrifice one thing over another and hope one day I'll catch up. XD;; I don't think anyone is able to do all of it. If so, I need to meet them. >.>;;

I'm still hoping I'll find a way to stop time. :)

(Deleted comment)
This sounds very wise. :) If only I were capable of being so moderate!

(Deleted comment)
I think I need a better organizational system. And a personal assistant. :)

You never get caught up. That's the secret. :D

So everyone says, but I think they're just lying to conceal a huge plot against me make me feel better.

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