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PoT: Genius 328 / ES21: 214th Down

My first Jump combo post! I've been excited about getting to do this all week. :)

Download the raw: Genius 328

Oh, god, Kawamura! But he will undoubtedly rise again. Was there anything here other than him getting beaten up in a power-battle?

My assumption is that this is really Kawamura's final battle, his big finale. So he will win in the end, so he can leave tennis with no regret. Of course, that means that Inui and Tezuka will lose their doubles match, but it's enough just to see them play, so fine. Taka-san so deserves his moment.

I don't think we even saw the tail of Kaidoh's bandana this week. :( But Horio was damn cute. And Momo was looking hot. Between watching them play doubles in the Rokkaku matches recently and that "come and get us, ladies" bromide of the two of them, I'm up for some manly bonding Taka/Momo slash anytime anyone happens to want to write some. Mountain training fic, maybe?

Download the raw: 214th Down

Musashi! ♥♥♥

The panel with Takami & Sakuraba & the mountain make me sigh. And I really want to know what Takami and Hiruma are saying to each other. I'm so looking forward to seeing a serious tactical competition between those two.

Okay, so I didn't have much to say about either chapter. But combo post!

Also: My Hockey Player Mitsui fantasies now include Musashi facing off against him on the ice. And possibly off the ice too. *happy place*
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