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PoT Fic: Stupid (Oishi/Eiji)

The Canucks fucking suck and a bird can't fly on one wing.

Stupid by Halrloprillalar /prillalar
Prince of Tennis, Oishi/Eiji, R, 1100 words.
Club room, boysex, what more do you want from me?

"I thought you asked me here to tutor you in math," Oishi says. The club room is dim even though it's midday. Quiet and Oishi can see the dust on the floor. He'll have to have a word with the first years.

"I did." Eiji doesn't have his books, doesn't have his bag.

"What are you having trouble with?"

"You're stupid," Eiji says. His brow scrunches up. His right hand makes a fist.

The words sting Oishi, like a wasp on his arm. "I have the best marks in our year."

"You work hard," Eiji says. "You're still stupid." He takes a step forward, into a shaft of light. The dust swirls in front of his face.

"Eiji." Oishi doesn't know what he's going to do. He's barely hanging on, doing his best, waiting for Tezuka to return. Of all people, he thought Eiji would back him up, give him some support.

"He's gone, Oishi." Eiji says. "Why aren't you captain?"


"You should be captain." Eiji's eyes are wide, intense, focused, like he gets sometimes, when it's important. "Not temporary. You're here. You work hard. It should be you."

"I can't," Oishi says. "Tezuka--"

"Isn't here." Eiji moves out of the sun, into a shadow. "You're stupid," he says again. "You don't see anything."

"Eiji." Oishi takes a step back. The wasp stings, stings, and it won't die.

"Stupid," Eiji says and steps again, long stride, he's got so tall this year, and Oishi is backed against the wall. "You don't see."

"What is it?" Oishi can't believe this, but he can, can easily believe he's failed. He's failed. He can't see. He looks into Eiji's face, looking for the thing he's missed. "Eiji, tell me."

Eiji puts his hands on Oishi's shoulders, fingers tight, hurting. He shoves Oishi back but there's nowhere to go and Oishi still can't work it out, how he got from tutoring Eiji in math to pressed against the wall, shallow breaths and a pounding heart, a cold curl of fear in his stomach, because he's stupid, stupid, stinging, failed.

"Stupid Oishi," Eiji says again, his face so close, the words press against Oishi's mouth. Oishi can smell Eiji's lunch on his breath, some sort of fish, and it's awful, the whole thing is awful, and Eiji's mouth comes down onto Oishi's, clinging wetly for seconds, long seconds that aren't on any clock, and Oishi closes his eyes and sees.

"I'm stupid," he says, when his mouth is free, and the fear is still there, but now it's a thin red wire, coiling around his guts. He pushes forward, stupid, stupid, stinging, and they kiss again, and why did his eyes always stop at Tezuka when they should have been looking further, closer, here?

Eiji's hands slip down Oishi's arms, grab his wrists, pull his arms up, pinned, trapped, splayed between the wall and Eiji. Oishi cranes his neck, eyes still closed, finds Eiji's lips, and kisses him, short kisses, as many as he can. He still feels the sting, but now it's salt spray at the beach, waking him up, rousing him from the inside out, and he's never felt so much churn inside, never felt his dick lurch full of blood so fast.

"You are," Eiji says against Oishi's mouth, fish breath and his tongue sliding through Oishi's lips, stroking in and out again, chest tight to Oishi's ribs, hips pushing up and Oishi can feel Eiji's dick against him, pressing into his belly, and it's making him even stupider.

Oishi opens his eyes and looks at Eiji. His eyes are wide, serious, full of whatever it is that makes their dicks hard and their palms sweat and Oishi almost wants to look away, but it doesn't matter because he can't.

"Eiji." Oishi can just manage that, hardly more than a breath of air. He wants to put his arms around Eiji and cling, move, fall, but he's still pinned and he doesn't want to break free.

"Are you still going to be stupid?" Eiji says.

"No," but Oishi wonders if that's true, if that's a promise he can keep. He didn't mean to be stupid before. "Tell me if I'm stupid."

"I just did." Eiji puts his cheek to Oishi's, speaks into Oishi's ear. "Do you trust me?"

That's not even a question so Oishi doesn't answer. Eiji lets go of Oishi's wrists, but he doesn't move away, he leans against Oishi, breath heaving against Oishi's chest, and he undoes the button on Oishi's trousers.

And this is when Oishi knows he's stupid, because what could be dumber than letting your doubles partner undo your pants at school in the middle of the day when anyone could be around? But then, what could show more trust than letting him slide his hand down the front of your dick and back to cup your balls? And what could be better than biting your lip and clutching his hair and feeling his hand on you, different than your own, moving until you twist inside out and gasp against his shoulder?


"Uhhh," Oishi says, after, sticky, slack, stupid. "Can I...? Do you...?" Eiji lets him go and Oishi's knees almost buckle.

"We're late for class," Eiji says, and wipes his hand on Momoshiro's towel. It's the sexiest thing Oishi has ever seen. "You can get me after practice, okay?" He looks over and for the first time this afternoon, Oishi sees uncertainty on his face.

Oishi crosses the room and puts his arms around Eiji, solid, warm, happiest day in his life. "Okay," he says and his pants fall down. Eiji laughs. Oishi pulls his pants up, does up the zipper, the button.

"You should be captain," Eiji says and the air turns awkward, just a bit.

"Eiji," Oishi says, because he doesn't know what else to say, and Eiji turns and bounds away, out the door, gone.

Oishi drops onto a bench and for the first time in his life, he skips his afternoon classes. He draws up a practice schedule for the team. He deletes the text message he was composing to Tezuka. He gets off again. He sweeps the floor. He lies on his back and stares at the cracks on the ceiling and grins like an idiot, waiting for the team, his team.

He falls asleep and wakes, choking, Eiji's fingers holding his nose, stopping his breath. Eiji lets go, fingers brushing over Oishi's cheek and Oishi still can't breathe. "Stupid," Eiji says, and Oishi can only agree.


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