Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Genius 329 / 215th Down

Another week, another Jump!

Download the raw: PoT: Genius 329

I'm a bit confused about what was going on in the stands there, but otherwise, oh my god, Kawamura! You are so cool. I'm assuming he said that this was his last match and so he's going to go all out even if he destroys himself for further tennis, but that's not based on any actual reading of the Japanese. Also, Kaidoh said something that took up a goodly portion of the panel -- two whole speech bubbles! And Inui responded with several bubbles of his own.

But the real excitement this week was...

Download the raw: ES21: 215th Down

Oh my fucking god, the Ballista! Shin! Takami! SHIN! He fucking took down Kurita! SHIIIIIIIIIIN! Is there anyone cooler than you? And next, the Everest Pass of True Love. Could it get any better?

The Ballista! I think I have to go lie down for a while.
Tags: es21, tenipuri
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