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You can call me Hal.

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I keep writing "sol invictus" on everything.
The rising of the sun, the running of the deer,
All merry people rise and greet the turning of the year.

Every year on the winter solstice, I worry that the sun won't actually rise the next day and we will live in darkness forever. So, I'll probably spam you with posts today, just in case.

Thing 1: I have stopped washing my hair. Now, you might think that this is the result of some sort of seasonal depression where I never change out of my pyjamas and forgo any attempts at basic personal hygiene. But you would be wrong. My pyjamas are just comfortable, that's all. And I finally realised that my hair looks like shit if I wash it every day. Even on day 2 it looks all fluffy and horrible. I wonder if I can just not wash it at all ever again. How often do you wash your hair?

Thing 2: I watched Part 1 of the new Garo special. I liked it a lot, very stylish, like the show always was. However, there was a big flaw. I mean, besides Kouga's leather pants. How do they get him into those things? There must be baby powder involved. No Kaoru! Well, except for a fake Kaoru in one scene. But she was the reason I kept watching the show in the first place. Who cares about all the hot boys fighting monsters and each other? Well, okay. But still. On the other hand, Zero's leather pants were quite pleasing and, god, Rei is looking fine. And Tsubasa, the new boy! Could he be any prettier? Could he and Zero please fight each other until they're exhausted and then rest up and then have sex until they're exhausted again? I hope Jabi has some serious asskicking in part two, because she's just too cool to be the damsel in distress. And I hope Kaoru shows up and says she wants to move to Canada and marry me. Cause I'm way cooler than that boring asshole Kouga.

Thing 3: I like cheese.

What kind of cheese? :)

I was my hair every two days. It usually behaves itself fairly well.

I like lots of cheese, but an old, sharp cheddar is still my favourite. Also, havarti. And feta. Gouda. Monteray jack with caraway seeds. Parmesan. And so many more.

Wash my hair daily. It gets greasy and yucky by the end of the day, and once I've slept on it, there's just no hope for it.

The not-washing has done away with my usual bedhead! This is handy, since I like to go out in the morning before I've showered. (I'm still showering, though, in case you thought I wasn't washing anything. *g*)

Thing 1: I have stopped using conditioner, although I still have to wash my hair almost every day or it looks like crap. I wouldn't care if I didn't have to leave the apartment and go to work. Bah.

Thing 3: I'm craving Havarti RIGHT NOW.

I may still use conditioner, just not shampoo. I can't believe how much better my hair looks today (day 3) than just after I washed it. And I still have fairly short hair.

I think I have some Havarti in the refrigerator. Mmm.

I wash my hair every day, out of self defense. It's thin and oily, and if I don't it starts looking all greasy and strandy and it gets itchy and stupid and then I feel like Snape all the time.

That being said, a hippy friend of mine experimented with not washing her hair one summer and she claimed (this is unsubstantiated since i didn't see it for myself) that after a week or two it started kind of self-regulating such that it didn't actually get greasy and nasty.

Yeah, my hair is pretty thick, so maybe it takes the oil better. I'm glad to hear about your friend -- I think I'll try that myself and see how it works out.

(Deleted comment)
When I had long hair, I would wash once a week, and that was fine. When I shaved my head, I would just use face exfolient on my scalp and that was fine too. It's this in-between hair that's tricky, somehow.

I wash my hair once or twice a week. I'm lazy. :)

(Deleted comment)
I do itch a bit -- I'm hoping that will clear up after a while. I can't be bothered to colour my hair, though I think it would be cool. I especially like it when people bleach their hair that really fake straw yellow colour and you can see their dark roots.

The thing I hate most about life is all the bloody maintenance!

I used to wash it only twice a week, but that was when I had a perm and long hair and it looked reasonably good. Now that it's short and straight, it gets visibly greasy faster, so I wash it round about every other day. Although if I'm not going out of the house, it may be closer to every three days.

Long hair was great for that -- if it looked a bit dull, I could just braid it or something instead of washing.

I have very fine thin curly hair. I wash is every 2-3 days or else it gets to fly away.

I wish my hair were finer. It's so thick, I have trouble keeping it from sticking up.

Cheese is, indeed, very wonderful. Especially good, flavorful cheese that isn't, you know, yellow plastic.

I wash my hair daily, being part of the thin-fine-lank brigade. However, both my spouse and various friends have experimented with not-washing. Takes a week or two for your scalp to recover from the industrial bleach-like cleansers in most shampoo and stop overproducing oils, but after that just rinsing seems to work fine for them.

Cheeeeeeese! A good flavourful cheese, a square of really bitter dark chocolate, a handful of almosds, and a glass of single malt is my holiday heaven.

Good to hear about the not-washing thing! I think I'll just leave it alone over the holidays and see how it goes.

Oh, the sun will come out tommorow! Bet your bottom dollar that- *stops*

1. I wash my hair about twice a week, but only out of neccesity (sweat, bleeeh). Now that I have short hair I've discovered that the less I do to it, the more it looks like I sat around for hours trying to make it look stylishly messy. It's fun!

3. Oh, cheese! I live in a country with awfull, awfull cheese, but recently I've been gifted with a shipment of delicious dutch cheese and I've been doing nothing but nibble cheese for the past week. *bliss*

Don't jinx it!

I could never get my hair to be stylishly messy. I have unfortunate cowlicks. :) But the not-washing thing is keeping them under control, so yay!

I try to wash my hair every day, but it's usually okay if I leave it for a day. After that, it starts to stick up at weird angles and stay there, since I've bleached and dyed it so much that it's already really moldable. Actually, this icon is an example of what my hair will do if I don't wash it.

Cheese is so much with the good.

I wash my hair about twice a week, more frequently if I'm using conditioner--basically whenever both the time and the need a present. (I hate walking outside with wet hair so I'll only wash it on days when I've got some time to let it dry.)

BTW, that version of the "The Holly and the Ivy" you quote here--do you know where I could find the full lyrics?

Yeah, drying takes forever once it gets even a bit long.

I don't know where, no, but I do think that the second line is a modern version, not traditional, if that helps. I'd try tossing terms like "solstice" or "pagen" in with your google search; I think that's how I found it in the first place.

It's my charm, to make the sun rise. :)

I quit washing my hair over the summer -- I basically scrub some dandruff shampoo into my scalp, because otherwise I die of itchiness, and rinse it right out. My (dry, curly, medium-length) hair has never looked better. (I also quit combing it. Who know low maintenance could look so good?)

I aim to shower every other day, but often it's every third or fourth, depending on current levels of The Laze.

Oh, the scalp shampoo is a good idea. I'll keep that one in mind. Thanks! I'm also wondering if using my face exfolient on my scalp once a week or so would do the same thing. Shall experiment.

That seems to be usual for a lot of people.