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You can call me Hal.

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(no subject)
The sun came up!

Looks like I'll have to do my laundry after all.

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*laughing* Yeah, it came up. Happy solstice, sweet.

I hope your holiday goes well, honey. *hugs*

Happy new year!

I'm sort of...guessing it came up here, too, because we're suffering from the endless cloud cover of Seattle winter. But it looks likely! :D

And to you! I'm sure the sun is up there somewhere. :)

Was there any doubt that the sun was going to come up? I've always been under the impression that it's a daily event. :D :D :D

The day after the winter solstice, there is always doubt. :)

Our sacrificial rituals were successful!

They were! Hence the laundry. I did put stain-stick on the blood last night, though, just in case, so I think it should come out okay.

Good idea -- I still have to mop my dining room floor. My poor cat has been skittish all day; she thinks she's going to be next! It's so cute.

I know you enjoy harassing your cat but that's bad karma.

I'll buy her some catnip to settle her down *g*. Oh, and the boy passed the Trailer Park Boys test last night -- we watched the Christmas special you gave me and he was dying. You may have another convert!

Excellent! Now I actually want to meet him. :)

How much TPB do you have, anyhow?

I have the first two seasons, and have been meaning to get 3 and 4 forever -- Amazon US is such a pain in the ass to get them through, though, so I'll probably go with the Amazon.ca site. I need to catch up with it!

It's because I made my solstice cake, of course. (It was a hit at the potluck I went to, although almost everyone who attended brought some kind of dessert, alas.) Lemon cake with orange zest-flavored cream cheese frosting, and I wrote 'sol invictus' on it in yellow gel icing. (And drew a sun on it, of course, which I always do.)

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