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You can call me Hal.

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I must have been a good girl this year.
momo south park
My santa_smex gift story has been posted and I just love it to bits.

Cracked Reception by Anon. Momo/Eiji, 12,000 words.
Momo/Eiji! I was so hoping that would be the pairing I got and they are just so boyish and sweet and well-characterized. The story deals so well with Eiji's relationship with Oishi and there is a sleepaway training camp with lots and lots of different sports and boys from other schools and Eiji and Momo getting closer little by little. The story made me laugh and sigh and hurt and grin and I'm just so, so pleased to receive such a wonderful present.

Go, read, comment, love. You'll be glad, I'll be glad, and so will the author.

In other news, I'm behind on my santa_smex reading, but I'm going to try to catch up tonight and tomorrow and then make a bit of a recs post next week. Mid-month is a slow time for responses to fic in exchanges like this, for a lot of reasons, so I'd encourage you to read and comment if you can. And, trust me, the comments mean a lot more while the fics are still anonymous.

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I really, really loved that story. There's just something about Momo/Eiji that makes me wiggle.

Yes! They are the boyish boy-pair of boylove and videogames. And it's a bit sad for Oishi, but after he pounds Tezuka through the mattress or meets Shishido for tea, he'll feel better.

Don't forget Men's Talk with Taka and possible 'cheering up' with Oshitari & Gakuto.

Clearly we need to write 'the many loves and adventures of Oishi'.

Hell, Oishi should have everyone at Seigaku. Just thinking about Oishi/Fuji is making me all tingly.

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