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You can call me Hal.

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Shipping meme, to pass the time
Top 10 Shippings Overall

1. Inui/Kaidoh
2. Tezuka/Ryoma
3. Merry/Pippin
4. Luke/Wedge
5. Skinner/Doggett
6. Marcus/Oliver
7. Hughes/Roy
8. Jack/Thor
9. Mitsui/Kogure
10. Kara/Saul

Ten is too few for the length of time I've been in fandom. Gah.

Top 5 Love Triangles/Threesomes

1. Fred/Hermione/George
2. Takumi/Mari/Kiba
3. Inui/Kaidoh/Momo
4. Logan/Jean/Scott
5. Tyrol/Boomer/Helo

Top 5 Canon Pairings

1. Anne Elliot/Capt Wentworth
2. Wesley/Lilah
3. Saul/Ellen
4. Ivanova/Talia
5. Legolas/Gimli

Top 5 "Not my favorite, but they're very nice alternate choices" Shippings

1. Ryoma/Kaidoh
2. Jack/Harry
3. Ron/Draco
4. Buffy/Xander
5. Galadriel/Gimli

Top 5 Pedophilic Shippings (Because we all have them...)

1. Snape/Percy
2. Snape/Percy
3. Snape/Percy
4. Snape/Percy
5. Nanjiroh/Momo

Top 5 "wtf that makes no sense... but I LOVE it!" Shippings

1. Skinner/Pendrell ♥
2. Treize/Wufei
3. Trixie/Mart Belden
4. Akutsu/Tezuka
5. Giles/Anya, only this makes a LOT of sense and why the hell did they not ever have an affair?

Top 5 "I just don't feel what everyone else is feelin'" Shippings

1. Mulder/Scully
2. Golden Pair, but we'll see if that changes
3. Snape/Harry
4. Rukawa/Sakuragi
5. Sam/Dean

Top 5 "I hope these die" Shippings

1. Oshitari/Gakuto
2. Skinner/Scully
3. Aragorn/Legolas
4. Atobe/Kamio
5. Drew Barrymore/anybody but me

But but...

Ha. well, Giles/Anya sort of happened only not in that one episode.

I don't get atobe.kamio. at all.

Uh, sorry for hating on your pairing. Have some pie.

I just about fell off the couch when Giles and Anya kissed. I'd been shipping them hopelessly for about a year before that. They are so clearly meant for each other.

Why Atobe/Kamio and not Atobe/Momo? WHY?

Yay, I'm not the only person who doesn't like Oshitari/Gakuto! ♥

Secretly, I just don't like Gakuto. But I feel badly about it.

(Deleted comment)

Re: they totally made out

Every day in the back of the shop, I hope!

Trixie/Mart!!!!!! *___*

(Deleted comment)
For me, I think it's partly that they seem so well in sync already; their relationship doesn't have as much need for growth as some others. But I'm thinking if I dig deeper, I might like them more.

Tezuka/Oishi ♥♥♥

Snape/Percy gives me the willies. I think it's because all the times I've read it, it's been sadistically done and with Percy as being heavily abused. My poor Percy.

That's what I like about it. Well, not sadism, but the wrongness of it. I don't read or write cross-gen for WAFF.

I do love Percy, very, very much. He's the Jeffrey Spender of HP and he's all fussy and bespectacled and doing what he thinks is right.

Golden Pair?

Ah, Skinner/Pendrell. That takes me back. (:

It's a tennis boy pairing.

I kind of miss doing those Sk/P stories. Talk about a made-up pairing, though! When I started writing them I didn't know if they'd actually even *met* in canon.

Atobe/Kamio makes me shiver with OMGWTFWHY everytime I think about it. Because. WHYY?

Atobe/Momo, on the other hand, is so much awesome.

Mainly because Tachibana would beat the crap out of Atobe for molesting his uke. XD

I want to drive the Atobe/Momo bus. Alot.

Could you, please, rec some Snape/Percy fics?

I don't have any particular links; it's been so long since I was in HP fandom. I've written a few myself:


And you can also try the Percyness archive:

I hope that helps!

(Deleted comment)
I don't even dislike Snape/Harry -- I just don't really get it.

Drew Barrymore/anybody but me

I KNEW there was a reason we got along so well. XD

Sounds like we're noble rivals now. :D

It seems people either love or loathe the Dirty Pair.

*love for them*

;D ;D ;D

It's the flippy one I don't like. Also, I imprinted early on Oshitari/Atobe from K2. :D

Maybe sometime next year we should have a challenge where everyone writes -- seriously, not crack or slamming -- their most hated pairing. I think that would be fun.

OMG Legolas/Gimli cos their love is so canon. XD

Mind if I snag the meme from you? ^_~

It was the only LotR pairing I wrote prior to the movies. So, so canon. :)

It's not my meme -- it's been going around the flist, so snag away!

I used to love Merry/Pippin so much when I was in LotR fandom.

I think they are the only pairing of mine I would call a true OTP because I couldn't deal with seeing them split up and paired with others. (Not that they often were!) Aw, I miss them now. ♥

Giles/Anya, only this makes a LOT of sense and why the hell did they not ever have an affair?

Weren't the writers like 'Ew, it's gross, because of the (presumably visible actor ages, unless they mean because Anya's supposed to be like, 1000) age difference'?
Uh, guys, you wrote a 17 year old losing her virginity to a dead guy of 200+, it's not like it's beyond the realms of possibility, neither should you be pointing fingers about what's squicky.

And I don't feel the Snape/Harry, either.