Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

So, what else is new?

1. PoT OVA 7 is even more crack subbed. Oh my god, Inui! Never will I get over the sardines, never. Also:

Momo to Kaidoh: "You have a strange hairstyle with that bandana!"
Mulder to Krycek: "Stupid-ass haircut!"

2. Speaking of which, I watched Tunguska/Terma on Saturday. It was even more slashtastic than I'd remembered. Mulder drives around with Krycek handcuffed to the steering wheel! Skinner is shirtless a lot! And they both beat on Krycek. God, did I mention Skinner? Shirt on, shirt off, he's so fine he blows my mind. Also, Scully and Pendrell have a hazmat suit date and they are both so cute I could just die. And then Alex got his arm sawed off. ♥

3. I don't celebrate Christmas. But I do celebrate Drink Beer at the Pub Day and that's a movable feast. So I moved it to today. I hung out and read by myself and then the Boy showed up and we discussed D&D campaigns and plots for my fic and how zombies are the low-tech version of robots. Also, did you know that if you start drinking at 10 AM you can be hungover by 3 PM?

4. Thanks and love to: bodhibird, pixxers, mousapelli, marksykins, and akahannah for virtual LJ gifts! And to maeran for the e-card! And extra, extra kisses to mousapelli for sending me the Super Warrior Ninja Force, a band of be-suited fighters who are nearly but not quite sentai. There are two reds! I foresee many a power struggle there. Also, Mouse, I so fail at writing you Xmas themed Sato/Asakawa. :( I tried, but other than Harada yelling "Tabarnac!" a lot, it was pretty boring. I will try again in the new year with something, er, new.

5. Misadventures of the Rikkaikind ~ or ~ Santa's Special Kitty -- Round Robin Rikkai cRack for reposoir & shikishi because they are just too fabulous.

6. Christ, Pix, I can't stop thinking about Oishi/Kaidoh now. They were too darn cute in the OVA. They should have sweet, blushy dates and shy secret hand-holding. And really kinky sex.

7. Trailer for a possible English-language Kamen Rider series. (I don't think it's been picked up by anyone so far.) I'm halfway between WTF? and OMG!

8. Doctor Who is never going to finish downloading, I swear. A lot. Gah.

9. Anyone know of any meta comparing FMA and SPN? Seems like there should be but I'm too lazy to write any.

10. I ♥ you guys.

11. And cheese.
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