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You can call me Hal.

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So, what else is new?
tezuryo beach
1. PoT OVA 7 is even more crack subbed. Oh my god, Inui! Never will I get over the sardines, never. Also:

Momo to Kaidoh: "You have a strange hairstyle with that bandana!"
Mulder to Krycek: "Stupid-ass haircut!"

2. Speaking of which, I watched Tunguska/Terma on Saturday. It was even more slashtastic than I'd remembered. Mulder drives around with Krycek handcuffed to the steering wheel! Skinner is shirtless a lot! And they both beat on Krycek. God, did I mention Skinner? Shirt on, shirt off, he's so fine he blows my mind. Also, Scully and Pendrell have a hazmat suit date and they are both so cute I could just die. And then Alex got his arm sawed off. ♥

3. I don't celebrate Christmas. But I do celebrate Drink Beer at the Pub Day and that's a movable feast. So I moved it to today. I hung out and read by myself and then the Boy showed up and we discussed D&D campaigns and plots for my fic and how zombies are the low-tech version of robots. Also, did you know that if you start drinking at 10 AM you can be hungover by 3 PM?

4. Thanks and love to: bodhibird, pixxers, mousapelli, marksykins, and akahannah for virtual LJ gifts! And to maeran for the e-card! And extra, extra kisses to mousapelli for sending me the Super Warrior Ninja Force, a band of be-suited fighters who are nearly but not quite sentai. There are two reds! I foresee many a power struggle there. Also, Mouse, I so fail at writing you Xmas themed Sato/Asakawa. :( I tried, but other than Harada yelling "Tabarnac!" a lot, it was pretty boring. I will try again in the new year with something, er, new.

5. Misadventures of the Rikkaikind ~ or ~ Santa's Special Kitty -- Round Robin Rikkai cRack for reposoir & shikishi because they are just too fabulous.

6. Christ, Pix, I can't stop thinking about Oishi/Kaidoh now. They were too darn cute in the OVA. They should have sweet, blushy dates and shy secret hand-holding. And really kinky sex.

7. Trailer for a possible English-language Kamen Rider series. (I don't think it's been picked up by anyone so far.) I'm halfway between WTF? and OMG!

8. Doctor Who is never going to finish downloading, I swear. A lot. Gah.

9. Anyone know of any meta comparing FMA and SPN? Seems like there should be but I'm too lazy to write any.

10. I ♥ you guys.

11. And cheese.

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RE: 6. No, no they should not.

RE: 8. Holiday episode? where did you find? we can't pull it up anywhere.

6. You support Oishi/Lowly Worm but not Oishi/Kaidoh? Snakes need love just as much as worms do.

8. [ super-secret answer in deleted comment ]

(Deleted comment)
You wrote: And then Alex got his arm sawed off. ♥

I put it back on, all shiny!


Hope you had a fantastic Christmas!

Hee! No hook? *g*

I can't stop thinking about Oishi/Kaidoh

Neither could I, after that ep. It's the brown skin. Phwoar.

They seemed so in sync too. ♥

I FEEL THE SAME ABOUT TUNGUSKA/TERMA. Oh gawd, you've managed to make me go nuts again about Skinner/Mulder/Krycek, like I was years before xDDDD. AND YEAH IT WAS SO SLASHTASTIC.

Yeah. Oishi/Kaidoh is good there, though my fave Kaidoh pairings are with Inui and/or Momo xDDD.

I haven't watched that subbed... where can I get the subs? I have it raw thanks to you ^__^

Hee! We never leave those fandoms completely behind. :)

Kaidoh needs a little side-action from time to time. :D

I got a torrent from http://www.baka-updates.com/releases.php but I think there's a direct download up on tenipuri. (Locked, probably.)

Tunguska/Terma. Haven't watched that in so long. I'm planning on straightening up my video cabinet today so I'm sure I'll run across the tape. Must watch.

Also, Doctor Who? Took for FOREVER to download. I'll be watching it shortly.

It was so fun to re-watch those eps. So much crammed into them, like Skinner crammed into his crisp white shirt. It will make you smile. :)

My dl finally finished, but now I have to wait until tonight to watch it with my partner. Maybe I'll dig out more TXF to pass the time until then.

4. You'll notice that I chose beer instead of a dreidel. :D

6. Yes, see?! The potential is THERE. Oishi would lay back on his bed and Kaidoh would follow. Oishi would whisper sweet little encouragments because Kaidoh would be so nervous. And then later on, Hazue would start dating Oishi's sister. I will not rest until I see it done.

10. ♥__♥

also, kishi loves my lowlishi. Don't let her fool you.

4. I did notice! Much appreciated. And I had three pints yesterday.

6. I see, I do see! ♥ Kaidoh's always nervous at first, but when he gets into it, he's a wild man.

&hearts &hearts

And now *I* can't stop thinking about Oishi/Kaidoh! o.0

but other than Harada yelling "Tabarnac!" a lot, it was pretty boring.
Actually, that cracked me up right there. I'm easy to please (omg did you even read some of the crap i slapped up this past month? It's not like i'm throwing stones).

ahahahahah, the reds are so battling for control of the Ninja Force. They can't remember which one is the clone...

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