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You can call me Hal.

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(no subject)
I am filled with winter ennui. I'm not down, just...blank. I kind of want to go on hiatus for a few weeks, but I don't think I can quite yet. Maybe early January. In the meantime, apologies if I don't read / write / comment / answer comments / flail / be generally entertaining / supportive / nice / mean as much or as responsively as I should.

It's not you, it's me.

Maybe I'll spend the evening watching the Log Channel and screaming whenever The Hand comes into view.

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I thought you liked The Hand. Is it the same Hand as last year?

The Hand fucking freaks me out, man. And, yes, the same one. :)

I know it's a crappy feeling. I've never experienced it myself as I have my Sims meanness to keep me warm, but I hope you feel plucky again soon.


If I had a TezuOishi icon, I'd totally use it right now.

Here, I have one.

I've never tried this 'being mean makes me feel better' thing. Well I tried once and I failed. I'm beginning to think that it only works for some people.

my hands froze up. can't read as am queasy. play on Vox, you. it's almost like playing by yourself. :P

Hee! I read your vox; I just can't always think of non-lame things to comment. I need to make a filter there or something so I can post the stuff I wouldn't post here.

santa_smex reveals circa January 8th/9th? :)

Yeah, I was thinking I should wait for that. :)

It is not your job to be any of these. although it is lovely when you find the time.

winter. hm. it is odd, that the SAD effects remain the same even without the snow and cold.

You mean fandom isn't my unpaid part-time job?

When I lived on the prairies with the snow and cold, I didn't get like this so much because it was still very sunny and bright. Here, it's overcast a lot. I'm actually doing a lot better this year. Sleeping more, and taking omega3s.

You can go on hiatus after you read my PoT squee *g*.

Hee! I love your Nanjiroh obsession. I will comment more fully tomorrow.

Hey, um. Even in the midst of ennui, you should probably check out the fact that I just wrote South Park Stan/Kyle for Marks, because I'm hoping it never happens again.


I'll check it out. And I'll get something together for the comm before I take a break (if I do). Stan/Kyle is so whitebread though. Butters/Cartman is where it's at.

The other day, after watching the last of SP S1, I was lying in bed, thinking about this MK WIP I'm failing to work on. And it all kind of merged with my South Park icons and I was seeing the action of the story in South Park style.

It was disturbing but cool.

(Deleted comment)

Re: ennui! ennuiiiiiiii!

I know it. :)

(Deleted comment)
I know it will! I was re-reading some of my entries from around the summer solstice and I had a LOT of energy and enthusiasm then.

Did you tag for cat pics deliberately, sweets? Cos I have a tennis kitten on hand...

Aw, it's so fuzzy and sweet. :) Thank you!

"Cat pictures" is the tag I use for "real life" stuff. It's a reference to a post I made at one point where I theorized that we all want our friends list to post interesting things about fandom in their journals but we just want to post pictures of our cats in our own.

TV is good for this. Books are better. I recommend taking something good to read down to the cafe or the pub.


Let me know if you need to reschedule or just blow off our chat this week.

Thanks, sweetie. :) I may take you up on that. I'll be in touch tomorrow. {{{Laura}}}

I was going to comment with some puns to cheer you up. But then I remembered you don't like puns. So I wrote this. [There's a distinct probability that you'd prefer the puns instead.] You don't even have to reply to this comment, I just hope it makes you smile a little in the midst of your blah-ness.


To say that Box was annoyed was an understatement. He had thought and planned and angsted and finally decided that he was going to let his true love know of...well, his true love. It had been hard thing to do, made only harder that he decided to voice his confession in front of everyone else of akihabara@deep (except for Daruma who had left to change into a "super special costume"). And when he finished, did his true love rip the headphones off his head and come running into his arms?

"Sorry!" Taiko said instead, looking uncomfortable. "But Kaira's back and I'm kinda seeing her now."

"Oh," Box said. There really wasn't much else to say in the sudden silence of the office. He scuffed a toe on the floor and was struck by sudden inspiration. "Well, okay. You weren't even my first choice anyway."

Taiko blinked. "First...what?"

Box whirled and tried to look soulfully in the Page's eyes. This was difficult because Page had started twitching and fiddling with his glasses. "Page! I know I just said that I loved Taiko but I want you to forget that. Because you're really the one I love and there's a really good chance you're not seeing anyone so you won't break my heart with a the head goth girl of a fake cutter band, right?"

"U-u-uh," Page said, looking like his wanted to wrap his scarf around his head and hide.

Izumu got up from her corner and walked over. "No, he's going to break your heart with a hacker girl from a real troubleshooter agency," she said softly, putting a hand on Page's shoulder. Box's eyes widened.

"I-it's n-not pers-s-sonal," Page said, looking contrite. "I b-bet you'd b-be a g-g-g-great boyf-f-friend Box-k-k-un!"

"Does everyone have girlfriends now?!" Box shouted, his hands in fists. "Why didn't anyone tell me? I bet Akira is dating China-chan from the cafe!"

"No, she's not but since she says she's going to go professional on the girl fighting circuit, Akira's not a good choice. Plus, she'd probably beat you up half the time. So I guess everyone of akihabara@deep is hooked up. Well, everyone except..." Taiko's eyes widened and he pointed over Box's shoulder. Box turned around, his heart sinking.

A portly man stood in the doorway of akihabara@deep's office. He had on a knee-length wool coat and a striped scarf wound crazily around his neck. The normally flat hair stuck up in spikes all over. A pair of pipe-cleaner glasses sat on the man's nose.

"L-l-l-l-let's g-g-g-g-e-t phy-phy-phy-phy-si-c-c-c-cal!" Daruma said and then made a face. "Page! Your stutter is really, really annoying! I'm not going to do it, okay? You'll just have to pretend, Box."

This is really fucking awesome, thank you so much! ♥ Oh, Page! Oh, Box! Oh, Daruma! (I bet Akira is really dating the Hippopo chick!) I'm re-watching Sh15uya right now, but maybe I should start @deep again once that's finished.

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