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You can call me Hal.

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I am the lizard queen.

eta: fell in love with the girl at the rock show

eta: que la lune montre une autre face

eta: close your mouth and open up your heart and baby satisfy me

eta: every little boy needs a girl, pop goes the world

eta: And it's a ho, hi, farmers bar your doors when you see the Jolly Roger on Regina's mighty shores

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You ressurected Jim Morrison and then married him?

That would be hot, especially if he were undead. But Lisa Simpson said it once and I'm just quoting her.

They played the Doors movie so many times on Aussie TV, I think that Jim Morrison actually looks like Val Kilmer.

But yes, Vampire!Jim does sound rather nice.

You have a Billie Piper icon. I will never get Teen Queen Billie out of my head.

I was thinking more Zombie!Jim than Vampire!Jim. I like to be in control. But, really, Lisa trumps them both so I'm holding out for her.

I'm so glad I never saw Teen Queen Billie.

I think I like my undead to be able to move faster than I.

I loved Teen Queen Billie a lot. She was cute and kept her clothes on.

Obviously this was before she ran off with that radio DJ twice her age.

So you prefer zombies to vampires? Interesting.

I think that's a man vs woman thing. For a male partner, zombie. Female partner, vampire.

I have Issues, I know.

PS - Have you ever heard Pierre Lapointe?

I haven't. Do you recommend him?

I do! In fact, I just got his first album in the mail (downloaded the second). I like his second CD better, but his first is more like the song 'que la lune' that you recommended. I'll upload them for you. <3

Pierre Lapointe (self-titled)

Pierre Lapointe - La forêt des mal-aimés

Let me know what you think! I'm particularly fond of track 9 from the second album. It's what got me hooked on him, how it manages to sound both modern and traditional at the same time. I like how distinct his music is; I can listen to his whole album without feeling the need to itch. And his subject matter is at times wonderfully irreverent of modern sensibilities! One of the first album tracks is about a hermaphrodite, and one is about his elderly mother having sex.

(I'll post the link on my journal tomorrow to give you a chance to download them first. Lemme know if you need more time. :D)

Thanks for these! I haven't had time to listen yet, but I'll let you know once I do. :) I had to log in to YSI to download, but Bugmenot helped out there.

(BTW, I wouldn't say I exactly recommend David Charvet -- really, that song is the most vapid pop. But it's catchy and I was listening to it.)

LOL @ Arrogant Worms. :D:D:D:D

Hee! This is the Captain Tractor version, actually.

if you want to reach the co-op, you gotta get by me!

Naturally, I adore that song!! Regina! Rhymes with....fun!

Re: if you want to reach the co-op, you gotta get by me!

oops, that should be "...reach the co-op, BOY!..."

Re: if you want to reach the co-op, you gotta get by me!

*laugh* My favourite line is "screw the GST!"

I'm too drunk to manage the clicky. remind me tomorrow.


I hope you weren't as hungover as I was.

it was bad. bad I tell you.

Every time you use that tag, I wonder if you mean that you like robots better than you like us, or if you like robots better than we like robots. And then I want to yell that I will not lose to you in robot-liking. And also grab your collar.

Sekritly: it's both. :)

So, how much *do* you like robots? I need to know if I can acknowledge you as my robot-liking rival or not.

...probably not enough. I don't even have an icon. But I do have a purple shirt, so we can make it a Mizuki/Fuji thing, where you are my destined rival, the shiny-metal-ass-liking tensai, and I am... that girl you see around sometimes.

Oh, I just made myself really sad. Sadder even than when I realized you preferred automatons to me. :( At least then you knew my name :(( I'll just go sweep something now.

In other news, I have just come into possession of the first ten episodes of the Ace wo Nerae anime, subbed in English, and found a place that promises the rest of the episodes dubbed in French! Hiromi's name is Héléna Orval. So great.

I am eager to listen to this music. :x

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